Nykaa 24*7 Vinyl Luxe Eyeliner Review & Swatches


Hey, beautiful!

We all love eyeliners, right? Being an Indian girl, eyeliner and kajal are my all time favourite and I simply can’t imagine my life without kohls. They not only add definition to your eyes but make your entire face look plump and beautiful. Nykaa has recently launched some eye makeup products which has 2 kajals and one liner. I didn’t quite like the Nykaa Rock the line kajal as I have told earlier, but this one is a different story for me. This Nykaa 24*7 Vinyl Luxe eyeliner is quite dear to me and has served its claims well. So this post is all about this eyeliner and why I think it is better than the kajal.

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According to the brand, you can create cat eye look or a drastic wing in a wink with this eyeliner. This water-resistant liquid eyeliner glides smoothly without smudging or fading.The intense black finish settles in a glossy matte finish and is completely transfer proof that lasts all day long.

Like any other liquid liner, the applicator is really precise and so you can draw the perfect liner as you want.

About Nykaa 24*7 Vinyl Luxe Eyeliner

Price: 699 INR for 1.7 mlq

The Nykaa eyeliner comes in a pink box like all other Nykaa products and has this chic yet cute packaging. The product is glossy black in colour signifying the glossy finish liner inside. The information is mentioned at the box which is quite convenient.

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Overall for me, the packaging is really beautiful and classy.

The applicator tip is really precise that is very useful for making very thin liner or a perfect wing. The handle is quite long and grip is really good that makes it a great eyeliner from the applicator point of view.

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Nykaa eye liner

The Nykaa 24*7 luxe eyeliner is on the glossier side. It is much more pigmented than the rock the line kajal. The texture is really smooth and glides on really easily. Both the kajals are apt for smoky eyes and can be used on the upper lash line too. This eyeliner is better in every way than that one – lasting power, water resistance or even smudge proof. This is really easy a liner for that cat eye or dramatic winged liner too. The colour is not at all patchy and flaky. It stays on the eyes for a very long time. Overall I am quite impressed with this eye liner.

If I have to say about some cons, then I feel the price is too high. At this price range, I can surely find better options than this.

I would recommend this eye liner if you want a good and pigmented product for yourself. It is a good option to try out and I am sure you will be impressed like me! 🙂

Nykaa 24*7 vinyl luxe eye liner is surely better than Rock the liner kajal both in quality and pigmentation. This eye liner is a good one from Nykaa. But I really prefer Nykaa lipsticks over any Nykaa products, anytime.


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