NYX 10 Colors Eyeshadow Palette Smokey Eyes Review,Swatches & Eotd



  2. PRICE: Around 9$

I tried my hand at eye make-up for the first time by getting inspired from Upasana’s tutorial on Avril Lavagne inspired tutorial. I loved it and the result I got was decent for a beginner like me. And, there started my journey towards eye make-up. Of course, a result like Panda eyes would never have motivated me to try eye make-up looks. You see.. I’m lazy in that department.


NYX 10 COLORS EYE SHADOW PALETTE reviews+nyx palette reviews

Coming to this eye palette, I ordered it from Joy’s store on E-bay. The seller is so frank and always gives prompt and clear replies. I am always glad to shop from there. Also, the signature stamp is so cute ‘with blowing bubbles’ 😀

I love the packaging of this eye palette. Glossy cover and comes with an in-built mirror. This eye palette consists of matte shades as well as metallic shades. 3-4 shades looks almost similar to one other. The grays in this palette are actually soft and easy to blend but do have some fall out. Again, the grays in this palette are decently pigmented whereas the browns and the blacks are low in pigmentation part. With eye base, they do good.


nyx 10 colour eyeshadow palette smoky smokey eyes+nyx shadows palettes reviews


The dark shades like black and brown have a lot of fallout and give a hard time in blending. Used with an eye base, they do deliver good results. Make sure to tap your brush every time before using these shades on your lids. The highlighting shades too are decent.

I used the sponge tip applicator only to swatch these eye shades on my hand otherwise I use my eye brushes. I have worn these eye shadows with a base beneath and these stayed quite well on my oily lids in an air conditioned environment for around 5-6 hours. I didn’t wore them for more than that.

Swatches of NYX 10 Colors Eyeshadow Palette – Smokey Eyes:-


eyeshadow palettes for smokey eyes swatches nyx+NYX SHADOWS



nyx 10 colors eyeshadow palette swatches



nyx 10 eyeshadow palette swatches+EYE COLOUR PALETTES

nyx 10color eyeshadow palette smoky eyes swatches


What I like about NYX 10 Colors Eyeshadow Palettes:-


  • Price is cheap for 10 eyes hadows, just 9$.
  • Packaging is travel friendly.
  • Matte as well as metallic shades.
  • In-built mirror.
  •  Easy blending with gray shades.
  • Good amount of staying power.
  • Waterline safe.
  • The grays are decently pigmented.


What I do not  like about NYX 10 Colors Eyeshadow Palettes:-



All in all, for the price I paid for this palette, it’s a decent palette. I did an eye look using this palette.


how to apply eye shadows nyx 10 colors eyeshadow palette


Please don’t judge my eye look, I wear it because I like my attempts. Of course, I will keep it improving. Criticism with suggestions is most welcome 😛 😀

God Bless You! 🙂


Have you tried NYX 10 Colors Eyeshadow Palette?


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  1. woww! Henna ..i can say by ur eyes itself dat ur damn beautiful! :beauty:

    N btw.. very well done.. seriously! I cant c any flaw with ur eye make up..lovely pix…n heck yeaa awesome pallete at dat price.. 😀 :yes: is it still avail on ebay?? ?:-) :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll: :yippee:

  2. wowwwwwww..just checked all the 10 e/s palettes….loved it all! :yippee:

    where can I buy this ..Heena??? temme phataphat! 😀 :yippee: :tap-dance:

    • OMG! really…thank u sooooooo much..A! I dinno dat..jus saw on ebay n freakk these are for 1655 rs. sumthing ther! 😯

  3. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww heena :inlove: sexy eyessssss :inlove: i’m louvinnnn the 1st piccy n ur sundar naina soo soo much :beauty: n thnku soo much if the tutorials r helping u :hug-makeup: :rock-n-roll:

    Hii Anaa :hug-makeup: Hii Rickyyyyy :yippee:

  4. u did a great job!!! 😯 :yes: :yes: :yes:

    the palette is nice :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

  5. Very very pretty look Heena.. If this is ur first attempt then I wonder wot ur best attempt will b like! Really gorgeous..

    The palette is something I’ve wanted t buy for long…they even have a huge set wit all the diff smokey eye combines on every Color..have u seen that?

    • 1st attempt as in posting.. wid 1st attempt, my eyes wud have borne a resemblance 2 dat of pandu 😀

      yea..i hv.. but now i wanna stock on Inglot

  6. :shout: its such a fab work Henna !! Seriously..i love smoky look and heavy kohled eyes..infact my eyes are 99.9% of the times heavly kohled….i do similar kinds but yours is a better version of my heavy look :lipstick:

  7. hey erica, 4d price of INR 450, u’ll get 4 gud quality grays n 2 decent highligting shades..if u want dis, get it:) or save money n get UD naked plte 2 like me:p


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