NYX 913 Sapphire Eyeliner Review, Swatches & EOTD


NYX Sapphire Eyeliner

Some how during my week days I reach mostly for blue eyeliners all the time and like pairing it with different shades  of eyeshadows. This week I have been using NYX Sapphire eyeliner which is a popular blue shade in NYX Cosmetic.

About NYX 913 Sapphire Eyeliner:-

NYX’s most popular eye pencil. This pencil provides color with smooth and creamy application. Does not bleed. Long-lasting wear! Choose from a wide array of colors!

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  • Price:INR 300 or $ 3.50

NYX named it as NYX Eye/Eyebrow pencil as all the shade of this range can be used on the brows too.I once tried this on brows too while having fun with makeup and result were indeed good albeit my hubby got really scared. As per him it is  a trend which I will showcase on the blog :rotfl:

nyx sapphire eyeliner review and swatches+nyx  eye/eye brow eyeliner reviews and swatches

  • Texture – It’s a well pigmented shade and one swipe of it is more than enough to build up the pigmentation.It comes out well on upper lash line as well as water line and is not harsh at all.It doesn’t hurt and glide smoothly and it’s easy to wipe it off .
  • Packaging – Pencil needs to be sharpened before using it which I know most of  us considered as a cumbersome process:P.Beside this the lid of the pencil is strong .One can see the shade colour at the other end of the tip which makes it easy to chose the particular  shade when one is hoarding many.

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nyx sapphire eyeliner+sapphire eyeliner reviews and swatches+nyx eyeliner sapphire

Swatches of NYX 913 Sapphire eyeliner:-

It’s a matte royal blue shade which is not overly bright .It goes well with most eyeshadows also.

nyx sapphire  eyeliner swatches+nyx eyeliner sapphire swatches

This is how Sapphire eyeliner looks when clubbed with MAC Golden olive pigment.

nyx EYELINER SAPPHIRE SWATCHES MAKEUP+MAC Golden olive pigment nyx sapphire eyeliner on my eyes

What I liked about NYX Sapphire Eyeliner:-


  • Decently priced if bought from cherry culture.
  • Easy to sharp
  • Its creamy, nicely pigmented and works well on both upper as well as lower lashline.
  • One can use them on brows too 😀
  • These stays as good on my eyelids as colorbar I -glide although one of my friend needs to do the touch up after a while because its too hot here and she has got super oily eyelids.
  • Works well for smoky eyes as they smudge after a while.


What I do not like about NYX Sapphire Eyeliner:-


  • If you have watery lower lash line then it may not stay for long.
  • There is too much of pull on eyelids.
  • Wears off easily.

 Will I recommend it to others – Not bad to stock if you buy them from abroad .

Wise She Rating:-

  • Pigmentation: 3.5/5
  • Staying Power: 3/5
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Availability: 4/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 3/5

Have you tried NYX Sapphire Eyeliner or NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil ?

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