Wise She Sale Alert – NYX Annual Private Sale 40%



This shouldn’t be missed! :tap-dance:





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  1. Woohoo! Pehle Inglot & now this.. I think I’ll have no money left for my new year party at this rate 😀 😀

    How are you Anks? I hope all has been well with you 😀

  2. Wowee Ana… i was just planning to buy the round lipstick 😀 😀
    You are gonna make me a poor poor poor woman 😀 😀
    BTw is this for online shopping or only in outlets?? ?:-) :-/

      • you read my mind babe… Tea rose was what I was looking for 😀
        You buying kya?? I am sooooo tempted looking at their eye shadow pallettes too 😀

          • Zeeee………. nahiiiii… control yourself :d 😀 😀 I can already see the inner battle in you to pick NYX stuff 😀 😀 😀
            What do you think are the must haves from their range?? How are their brushes??

            • naaa…i wont get naything..more than buying them m concerned bout where ill keep them! hehe…

              ive actually never tried their brushes so i dont have much of an idea…from their stuff, i like their cream blushes and round lippies the best…but with the lippies u have to check their swatches b4 buying coa they shades as shown on the sites r totally wrong and its so easy t make mistakes with them..

  3. :O Anaaaaa… i am like a big watermelon!!! But if Ana says my face is thin… I guess compared to the rest of me it is thin 😀
    Ok so nooooooooooo bronzers!!!!!!

  4. omg!! im gonna be poor again!!! 🙁 😀
    btw ! thanks for posting this!! ana and Z … u guys must have seen my pics on FB.. pleej suggest lippies and blushes.. .. im very confused.. swatches are unrecognisable 🙁


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