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Hey Girls,

Today I am reviewing a NYX Blush in Stone which is a dusty brown shade blush. I am basically a peach blush person but wanted to get a brown blush for a long time. So, I decided on the NYX PB15 Stone blush.


NYX Blush Stone Review+nyx blush


About NYX Blush Stone:-

Our pressed powder blush delivers sheer, silky color that glides on, blends beautifully and creates a natural glow. The formula is richly-pigmented and lasts for hours.

  • Price: INR 650
  • Quantity: 0.14 oz (4.0g)


NYX Blush Stone (PB15) Review+nyx blushes


My Experience with NYX Blush Stone:-


As the name suggests it’s a very neutral earthy tone blush which shows more as a blush on fairer skin people and as a contour blush for those with whitish to dusky skin. It may not be suitable for darker skin tones as it may not such that well.



NYX Blush Stone Review Package+powder blush


This blush is very smooth and glides on well on skin. It is much pigmented too but fades away easily. This may require re application except for the fair skinned girls. I use it the most when I am wearing a lighter shade base with not much makeup and just contoured face. I would say it is not a regular blush that every girl should have, it’s just for those who like subtle earthy tones on their cheek or those who seek blushes for contouring as I personally do not like darker concealers or foundations that are often used by many for contouring face as they make harsh visible lines on skin. I prefer such blushes to do the same job instead. I have loved it so far as I get addicted to a particular product that suits me until it’s like half way through and this one already is half empty.


NYX Blush Stone Swatch:-


NYX Blush Stone Review Finger Swatch+nyx powder


What I like about NYX Blush Stone:-


  • – Very pigmented and smooth on application.
  • – Great for contouring.
  • – Awesome brown shade blush for lighter skin tone.
  • – Available in various shades from pinks to browns.
  • – Affordable but NOT in India.


What I don’t like about NYX Blush Stone:-


  • – It does not last too long, may need reapplications.
  • – Not suitable for dusky skin tones.
  • – Overly priced in India. They cost $5 in the US whereas in India they are almost around double the price.


TIP- Use this blush with neutral lipsticks and lighter base tones to give that natural makeup look.


  • Overall Verdict- I like this blush more for contouring my face. It’s a good substitute for face contour products. So, those looking for non-greasy or apparent products for face, pick this one.
  • Will I buy this product again? – Well, even though I like it, I love experimenting new products so I will skip it and try newer ones. :-).

 Rating– 4/5

 Have you tried nyx blush stone ?


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  1. Very nicely reviewed bhawana :yes: 🙂 So wish that NYX n ELF wud b available here at their original prices. They’re such lovely budget friendly brands


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