NYX Cosmetics Mini Nail Polish In Lavender Pastel Review & NOTD


NYX Cosmetics Mini Nail Polish In Lavender Pastel

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are doing good! I am here to show yet another nail polish from the NYX Cosmetics which actually comes in a set of 18 mini nail paints which is a limited edition set. I have already shared two shades from the set and here is yet another spring summer shade!

nyx nail polish lavender pastel

About NYX Cosmetics Mini Nail Polish In Lavender Pastel

The high-quality formula comes in our best shades of the season.  Hopeless romantics can thank us for the long-lasting formula later.  We love you too!

Key Features-

  • Coats nails with high sheen color in just a few strokes.
  • We love options and this set gives us so many to choose from.

Price– These come in a limited edition set of 18 nail polish which is priced at $20 for 18 nail paints

Directions To Use-Twist and wipe excess product on the opening of the bottle. Swipe polish down the center of nail from cuticle to tip and repeat on both sides until saturated with color. Wait a few seconds to dry and repeat as necessary.

Packaging– This mini nail polish comes in a round transparent glass bottle with a black cap which has the applicator brush to apply the nail paint. The nail paint bears the name of the brand.

nyx mini nail polish lavender pastel

Shade-The shade Lavender Pastel as the name implies is mainly a light baby pink hue with light hue of lavender it it. It is a perfect pastel shade for the summer season. The shade looks quite girly and tends to give a glossy shine when applied on the nails. A singe coat of this nail paint will show up beautifully but second coat will make it a little deeper and more pretty.

Texture– These nail paints are not too runny nor too thick and have an optimum consistency which makes them easy to use and dry withing few seconds.

nyx mini nail polish swatches

My Experience with NYX Cosmetics Mini Nail Polish In Lavender Pastel

Summer are all sunny and bright and pastel shades are immensely popular these days be it dresses, shoes or accessories like this set of nail paints. This perfectly describes the moods of the season!

The shade lavender pastel looks a baby pink hue with more of lavender hints. The nail paint is great for every age group. It is soft toned and looks quite girly. There are some people who like only subtle shades of nail polish, I think this shade will surely lure them!

nyx mini nail polish swatches

This cute mini nail polish is going to last you about 5-6 uses and I think is really great for travel purpose as it can be easily slipped into your bag without taking much space and you can opt for various nail paints during the travel. 🙂

This is for all the nail paint addicts out there. It is a real deal in just $20!

What I like about NYX Cosmetics Mini Nail Polish In Lavender Pastel?

  • Amazing consistency
  • Quick dry formulation
  • Travel friendly mini bottle
  • Superb texture
  • Beautiful pastel shade
  • Gives a glossy shine

What I don’t like about NYX Cosmetics Mini Nail Polish In Lavender Pastel?

  • Will last only a few times
  • May not suit very dark skin tones


Will I recommend?– Yes, a perfect pastel to flaunt on you nails in the season!

Have you tried NYX Cosmetics Mini Nail Polish In Lavender Pastel?

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