NYX Cream Blush Hot Pink Review and Swatch


What are the things one can do to get that lovely never fading blush on the cheeks?!?!?!?!?!

Think … Think… Think…

1. Fall in love every single day. Ohhhhh….I so love the feeling. Those first dates, kisses and hugs. But sign how long can you stay in that sublime state of mind. Reality hits to flush the color off your face  🙁


Fall in love everyday


2. Pinch you cheeks hard every few minutes. Duhhh…uhhh bad idea!!! Next!!


Pinch you cheeks

3. Act stupid enough to get slapped right across your face.  😛 😛 Pls Pls Pls….don’t hit me for this bad idea.

get slapped

4. You are born with it! And live with it! ( Please don’t stop reading this blog thinking I am some mad thing blabbering some nonsensical things)


born with blush

5. Every time you want to flash those pink cheeks get angry and go red with anger. We are talking about pleasant lovely faces not scary red fuming ones.
get angry

6. Get yourself a Hot Pink blush. Now isn’t that the best among the lot??? 🙂
NYX Cream Blush Hot Pink Review+cream blush


I picked my Nyx Cream Blush – Hot Pink from Anamika’s Blog Sale. Since the day I saw the Lakme Peach Milk ad on TV, where the girl struts around the streets of Europe showing off her almost frost bitten cheeks. I so wanted the same color. I started my hunt for the right Hot Pink. MAC was always an option but I didn’t want to invest so much in a color I was not sure would absolutely suit me. Next better quality economical option was NYX. I love NYX products, they are great quality. I knew Hot Pink was a lovely shade to get the stain I wanted. When Anamika was selling it online for a discounted price I leaped on and booked in advance.


NYX Cream Blush Hot Pink Review Package+nyx blush


It’s a super creamy and smooth cream based blush in almost neon pink (when seen in the box) . On the skin it appears shades darken than the natural pinks. Dramatic – Yes, but also very summery and practical. If applied right can give a beautiful tint of pink to the cheeks. Ideal for summers for the nice sun kissed look and to go with the flowery bright color . It also works well for winter by bringing in a dash of bright color to the boring monochromes outside. Also gives a nice frost bite look on the cheek like those beautiful pahadi people who sport these pink cheeks naturally and effortless.

NYX Cream Blush Hot Pink Review Shade+best blush


Its for the mere souls like us who work so hard to getting that look.


NYX Cream Blush Hot Pink Review Hand Swatch+creme blush+blush color


  • Overall Verdict – 5/5
  • Pigmentation – 5/5
  • Packaging – 5/5
  • Longitivity – 5/5
  • Availability – Its out of stock online. Available only in selected stores. I bought mine from Anamika’s blog sale for INR 540/ – for 6 gms. (Including courier charges)

 Have you tried NYX Cream Blush Hot Pink ?

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 Have you tried NYX Cream Blush Hot Pink ?


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  1. So pretty shade, I loved reading this post, esp the first part :p I love nyx cream blushes like anything, they were my first cream blushes and i adore those, i have tried natural, rose petal, tea rose, glow and orange, from all orange is my all time fav. even i like tea rose very much, will check hot pink once 4 sure! :yes:


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