NYX Eros Lipsticks Review & Swatch On Indian Skin Tone


NYX Eros Lipsticks

Hello Ladies,

While you will be reading this post I will be all gone for a mini break and once back I am going to write about it here so don’t forget to check it out .

Meanwhile Let me review the super gorgeous NYX Lipstick shades Eros for you .This shade has been with me since long. I have used it multiple times but somehow never got a chance to review it. Recently I was planning to do a video on affordable red lipstick shades and when I picked it up I thought let me just review it along. I always link the lipstick shades in the description box of my videos for better knowledge of the shade.

You will be seeing me doing lot of video reviews here because I find them fun but I also find that my review looks better and more reliable when I put it with a video. What say you guys?

NYX LipstickEros is a very deep red shade which is extremely classy and ya! extra creamy too.For an red lover it can be perfect for all occasion shade.From vixen to bride, any one can get this confident and glamorous look with this one.


About NYX Round lipstick

These NYX mineral based lipsticks are a go get and feel gorgeous range as from all pinks to browns, they have picked all in need colors.

Price :I got this for $4 and it’s sad that Indian websites have them in INR 1200 and on some places it’s worse and are shown INR 1800. I got them from NYX US website. One of my friends was coming from US so I asked her to get it for me.

PackagingThis comes in a black roll on lipstick. It has a transparent boundary at the end which helps in picking up the exact shade from the box especially for a person like me who has tonnes of NYX lippies.

My experience with NYX Eros lipstick

I am a fan of NYX Cosemtics and I am sure those of you who follow me very well know about it. I do like their eyeshadows, foundations and I like the pricing of their products as well. Talking about the lip shade of this brand, I have tried many shades of NYX and almost liked all. Picking this color was intense because of my love for reds and pinks. With shade Eros one single swipe is good enough to give that total fresh look. It’s such an attention seeker that I can do away with kajal, eyeliner and mascara as well 😀

Texture: The texture is very creamy and velvety and thus good for people who crave for creamy and shiny lipsticks and hate matte and dry look. I definitely need a lip liner for this lipstick otherwise it kind of smudges especially in summer season. In winters I noticed this doesn’t smudge that much.


NYX Eros lipsticks swatch

This color is very bright and warm true red which falls towards orange . I like the brightness which will gives a fresh and energetic person kind of look in the group :P. A tint of orange makes it little unique and must try.

Pigmentation: It’s superb in pigmentation and one single swipe is good enough. If you are looking for darker look then you can go for repetition.

Staying Power: It doesn’t have a good staying power and fades off easily while eating and drinking. Will stay up to 2-3 hours max and would need regular touch up.

Final Words:-

I liked the product as it stands to what it claims. It is super creamy and slides well. A single swipe is good and easy to wear.Also the touch of orange has made this shade more beautiful. Shade looks damn sexy under the sun .


What I like about NYX Eros Lipstick?

  • Color- That Reddish orange shade which suits my dusky Indian olive warm skin tone 🙂
  • Pigmentation, super smooth to glide
  • Texture which is very velvety
  • Easy to remove
  • Tight packing
  • Light Weight

What I Don’t Like About NYX Eros Lipsticks?

  • Its super creamy so smudges a lot if I don’t wear it carefully. Needs a lip liner underneath but let’s admit it – most of us feel too lazy to wear a lip liner .

  • Less staying power (Need little touch ups every two hours)

Do let me know your opinion about NYX Eros Lipstick ? Will you try this kind of shade ?

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