Shout Out For The NYX Lovers! NYX Is Here In India & What Came In My NYX Bag


Shout Out For The NYX Lovers

Hi All! I have a lovely announcement for you which will make you happy as I am. Guess what NYX is launching its products in India and you can now soon access them at Sephora stores!!! Isn’t this great news? It sure is for as far as I understand I was tired of ordering them and waiting for them to reach me. The wait used to be killing. But now I can easily frequent a nearby store and buy any product I want that too by holding it, testing it and checking it all over.

Previously Sephora was have a small section of NYX products but most of the product use to be out of stock. This is not going to happen now because L’oreal is bringing it to India ..They are starting with whooping 550 products :O ….

The following are the list of products which I received from NYX India recently with their NYX India announcement. I am sure you would be as excited as me.

NYXmakeup products

I am for you now giving you a sneak peek into these products with their prices in US Dollars as I am myself not aware of their retail prices here in India.

NYX stay matte but not flat liquid foundation

NYX stay matte but not flat liquid foundation

It is said to provide full coverage and feels light on application. The product is conducive to sensitive skin tones. It comes in a tube like packaging which is squeeze and us and is travel friendly too. It is of US$ 7.75.

NYX lip liner

NYX color lip liner

These are one of the best lip liners available today. I am a big NYX fan so you can expect me to give thumbs up to these lip liners. I can’t wait to see them selling here in India. They are of US$ 3.50.

NYX soft matte lip cream

NYX soft matte lip cream
This is a nice matte product with a good finish. The reviews online make you feel good about it. I am yet to try it but definitely would love to do it once they are available here near us. These are available in 22 colors at US$ 5.85 per piece or you could also buy the entire collection at US$ 95.50 as per Ebay.

NYX butter gloss

NYX butter gloss
These are buttery lip glosses which are quite a rage in the United States. Their longevity is also great and reviews are also pretty good about these 34 shades. These are for US$ 5.

NYX butter lipstick – BLS15 JUJU AMULETTE

NYX Amulette lipstick review
Amazon rates it at 4 stars and the reviews are good for this lipstick in red. The color is in undertones of dates and is very good to apply on with its buttery smooth finish as per the reviews. Can’t wait to try it. Its price internationally is US$ 5.50.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

NYX jumbo eye pencil
This one is a much raved out product all over foreign beauty sites, specially for the shade milk. You can use it as eye shadows as well as liners. It is of US$ 4.00.


NYX Alabama lipstick
It’s a brick red shade lipstick and looks good to me. Its reviews are good and it is quite  richly pigmented. It is quite popular for its matte finish. Lets see how it goes for us. Its price is US$ 6.

NYX rose gold blush
This product is reviewed to be selling hot overall. It is said to be very well suited to oily skin. It is priced at US $ 6.50.

Check the whole haul  in the video below 🙂


  1. I’m currently in love with NYX stay matte but not flat liquid foundation,… Bought it 3 months ago from Sephora Bangalore,.. Very happy that it is finally launching in India,..


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