NYX Jumbo Pencil in Rust – Review & Swatches


Hi All,

The awesomeness that are NYX jumbo pencils are not unknown to anyone now…Everyone has had atleast one of them or have been aspiring to get one. This is one of the best shades they have around and thank the lord I have it!


nyx jumbo pencil in rust review

My take on NYX Jumbo Pencil in Rust:

  • Packaging: This is a typical chubby pencil which needs the larger sharpener. It has a clear plastic lid which extremely fragile and cracks at the drop of a hat!
  • Price:  INR 235 or $3.5



  • nyx jumbo pencil in rust review+ nyx jumbo pencil


  • Color & Texture:This shade is a deep, shimmery, rusty copper. The shimmer is very fine and minute and the formula is amazing. It isn’t as soft and creamy as Milk or Cottage cheese but holds up much better.
  • Color Payoff:What you see is what you get. The color is exactly as you see from the outside and is very rich in pigmentation.


nyx jumbo pencil in rust review+ nyx jumbo pencil review


  • Staying Power: It stays on my lid for the entire day..It does crease a tiny bit during summers but stays put during winters.


I like this shade a lot. It is the best one of them all I feel and does a great job in making you look unique and sophisticated.

nyx jumbo pencil in rust review+ nyx jumbo pencil rust swatch


I initially thought this would make a liner..but that’s very tough unless you plan on using a brush seperately for this. I like using this in 3 ways..:

  • Alone as a shadow topped off with a black liner
  • Apply this all over the lid, apply MAC Cranberry on top and finish with a liner and mascara
  • Use it to create a sexy coppery smokey eye.


nyx jumbo pencil in rust review+ nyx jumbo pencil in rust swatch


I would recommend this for all eyeshadow lovers..Its a class apart from the usual greens, blues and whites that come in this range and you are bound to love this 🙂


What I like about NYX Jumbo Pencil in Rust:-


  • Sexy, unique shade
  • Can use it in sooo many ways.
  • Doesn’t crease much
  • Dirt cheap as compared to so many other bases
  • Good staying power
  • I like the fact that its in a pencil form …no need to dip in my fingers 🙂


What I did not like about NYX Jumbo Pencil in Rust:

  • Needs to be sharpened which I’m lazy to do with bases…eyeliners are fine…but these too? Phew!


Ratings:  4.5/5

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    • That depends taps..if u hav oily lids den yes..plus I guess if d formula is softer it may…coz on my lids cottage cheese shade creases a bit..this doesn’t..

  1. They do crease a bit Taps….epecially if you layer them and this is the reason i avoid taking this shade to my crease….

  2. I have one of these.. in purple.. but i creases so a good choice to be used as a base under e/s …
    rust is a lovely color zara.. good revu :))


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