Nyx Long Pencil Eye LPE 05 Cuivre (Brown) Review & Swatch


NYX Long Pencil

When I first started my stint with makeup in early college even simple black eyeliner would look over dressed to my eyes. I wasn’t comfortable at all. So I decided to use brown eyeliner for a more subtle look. I was convinced and used a lot of brown eye pencil and my eyes being dark brown , brown eyeliner would extenuate the color well. Then there was no looking back, brown was the new black. I used browns for a subtle cat eye look, even gold eyes would like with brown liner. I have used brown liner in various forms, liquid, gel and pencil.

Nyx Long Pencil Eye Review+pencil eyes

The latest to add to my collection is the Nyx Long Pencil Eye – LPE 05 Cuivre (Brown). It a nice dirty brown with copper shimmer in it. True to its name its along pencil with a sharpener on its cap. Convenient right?

Nyx Long Pencil Eye Review encil Sharpner+eye pencil

The color is fantastic and the application is very smooth. It glides on the skin. The price is the best part. I bought it at New Beauty Center Mumbai – Bandra for just INR 100. Isn’t it a steal?

Nyx Long Pencil Eye Review LPE 05 Cuivre+nyx eye pencil

Nyx Long Pencil Eye LPE 05 Cuivre (Brown)  Swatches:-

Nyx Long Pencil Eye Review Hand Swatch+best eye liner

I tried this look on me. Hope you like it. And do suggest if you have more idea on brown eyeliner/pencils.

Nyx Long Pencil Eye Review EOTD+how to apply eyeliner

  • Overall Verdict – 4.5/5
  • Packaging – 5/5
  • Application – 4.5/5
  • Pigmentation – 4/5Longitivity – 4/5
  • Price – 5/5

Availability – I know only NBC in Mumbai selling it in stores. You may get a lot of options online too.

Have you tried NYX Long Pencil LPE 05 Curve (Brown) ?

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  1. Helloo Miss Beep .. 😉
    I ma all over brown.. own 3 eye pencils and a gel liner in brown.. and Love each of them and have lots of brown eye shaodws.. brown looks so pretty on eyes.. 🙂 🙂
    I know its hard to click eyes all by yourself but just try to click in natural light or use flash for clarity.. put in a mirror just before the lens so that you an see if the eyes are in focus..
    U eye shape is very similar to mine and I face similar issue.. 🙁 🙁

  2. m all for bron liners..at times black luks too harshn brown brings a lovely soft look to the fact..ive never tried these pencils, but waiting for some of my existing ones t get over 🙂 lovely review!

  3. Nice review.. Dear! even i picked 2-3 pencils from NBC ..they were on sale for Rs. 100 only naa…

    I cudnt resist dem.. i bought acid green in this n 2 more shades… also a black~ 😀 :yes:

    • Yeah NBC is sucha a boon in Mumbai. I also know a few stores where you get all the imported ones too. Like Benefit , Nars etc. Expensive but available. Where in Mumbai do u stay Erica?

  4. Hey Girl!! Thanks for the like for this post. Sorry I missed this one. I didnt even know it was posted 😛

    Yeah will try better pics of EOTD next time. I am so bad at clicking pics of my own.


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