Nyx Long Pencil Eye LPE 09 VERT Review , Swatch & EOTD


NYX Long Pencil 

After I bought my first Nyx LPE05 (Brown) (Review posted earlier) I could not stop myself from getting my hands on some more colours. And why not its super deals for a great product. I went on a hunt for my second NYX LPE.

Nyx Long Pencil Eye LPE 09 VERT Review+nyx makeup+makeup reviews

Off  late Nyx has turned to be one of my favourite, one for its variety, two for its quality and three for its affordable price. It’s an all in one package. But its availability is still a challenge. We can buy it either online or at few selected stores. I have used Nyx blushes in cream and powder , lip colors and eye pencils.

Nyx Long Pencil Eye LPE 09 VERT Review Pencil tip+eye pencil review

At New Beauty Centre Mumbai where there where atleast 3 women in 3sq feet area , throwing up their hands in the air to get their beauty products and cosmetics , I managed to make my way to the Nyx counter and caught a naive looking sales assistant and coaxed her to show me swatches of each of the LPEs. I tried all of them and them my memory started running if I had that color or no. Finally I stumbled upon this lovely green that I was sure would transform me into a mermaid. And I picked it up in victory to have found my shade and to have survived the mad rush. Was there some free distribution of samples I missed…duhhh uhhhh… or its women in cosmetic store?? 😉

BTW I already have 3 other green eyepencils. But thankfully in different shades.

NYX Long Penil Eye LPE 09 Vert Swatches:-


Nyx Long Pencil Eye LPE 09 VERT Review Hand Swatch+nyx eye pencil

So my victory trophy is Nyx – Long Pencil Eye – LPE 09 VERT. It’s a moss green color with silvery sheen on it. It glides smoothly on the skin. Is very very long so will last you long. Comes with a sharpener cap.  Isnt that so very thoughtful of Nyx???

Nyx Long Pencil Eye LPE 09 VERT Review Sharpner in Cap+nyx reviews

It’s super easy to get the nice feline or Cat eye with it. If you have brown eyes this colors looks wonderful.  If not don’t sweat, it look good again. I tried this look on me. How do you like it??

Nyx Long Pencil Eye LPE 09 VERT Review EOTD+eye pencil


  • Overall Verdict – 4.5/5
  • Packaging – 5/5
  • Application – 4.5/5
  • Pigmentation – 4/5
  • Longitivity – 4/5
  • Price – 5/5
  • Availability – I know only NBC in Mumbai selling it in stores. You may get a lot of options online too.

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