NYX Mini Nail Polish In French Pink Review & NOTD


NYX Mini Nail Polish In French Pink Review & NOTD

Hello ladies,

I am here again with yet another gorgeous NYX mini nail paint. I am really enjoying these mini cuties and have so far loved most of the shades of the NYX Love Is In Air Set. The idea of NYX providing 18 fabulous mini nail paints in a set is really great.

Today I shall review the shade French Pink which happens to be a favorite of most girls. It is a gorgeous light pink shade and I love its matte with slight sheen finish.

Read on to know more.

NYX Mini Nail Polish In French Pink

About NYX Mini Nail Polish In French Pink:

The high-quality formula comes in our best shades of the season.  Hopeless romantics can thank us for the long-lasting formula later.  We love you too!

Key Features-

  • Coats nails with high sheen color in just a few strokes.
  • We love options and this set gives us so many to choose from.

Price: These come in a limited edition set of 18 nail polish which is priced at $20 for 18 nail paints

Directions To Use:Twist and wipe excess product on the opening of the bottle. Swipe polish down the center of nail from cuticle to tip and repeat on both sides until saturated with color. Wait a few seconds to dry and repeat as necessary.

NYX Mini Nail Polish In French Pink Packaging

Packaging: This mini nail polish comes in a round transparent glass bottle with a black cap which has the applicator brush to apply the nail paint. It perfectly fans out over the nails in a single swipe and gives an opaque stroke of color. The nail paint bears the name of the brand.

Shade: French Pink is a pretty very light, muted pink shade. The shade is definitely very gorgeous and many girls fall for such light pink shades

Texture: The nail paint has a decent consistency which is neither very thick nor runny. The super dry formulation and texture is surely commendable. A couple of coats of this nail paint give a perfect pop of color to the nails.

My Experience with NYX Mini Nail Polish In French Pink:

The more I praise these gorgeous cuties, the less will it be. I am actually very fond of these mini lovelies.

As I mentioned earlier that muted nail paints appeal me more. And I really like this muted light pink shade.  It is neither too dull nor too bright. The shade is semi opaque in a single swipe but nothing that two coats cannot take care of. It has a matte finish with slight glossy shine makes the color appear prettier.

The nail paint is chip resistant for about 4-5 days with a top coat. However without a top coat it may last for less than 4 days.

Since it is mini nail paint, it will last only for few uses, I would say a max of 5-6 uses but the price in which I got the whole set, it is something totally justified.

Overall I am very happy with this shade and totally love it.

NYX Mini Nail Polish In French Pink Review & NOTD

What I like about NYX Mini Nail Polish In French Pink:

  • Very beautiful light pink shade.
  • Decent consistency.
  • Quick dry formulation.
  • Very handy mini bottles.
  • A couple of coats give perfect color.
  • Glossy Matte finish.

What I don’t like about NYX Mini Nail Polish In French Pink:

  • It will not last long.
  • May not look flattering on deep skin tones.

Rating: 4/5

Will I Recommend: For such a beautiful shade, I would definitely say yes, when it comes to recommending it. Girls will love this shade a lot.

Have you tried NYX Mini Nail Polish In French Pink?

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  1. This pink is absolutely my favorite. Whenever I go shopping nail paints, I often look for this shade. Absolutely loving this shade on your nails. And ya, your rings luks cool. 🙂


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