NYX Mini Nail Polish Vs Colorbar Mini Nail Lacquer


NYX Mini Nail Polish Vs Colorbar Mini Nail Lacquer

Hello Everyone,

Today I am here with an interesting comparison post between NYX Mini Nail Polishes & Colorbar Mini Nail Lacquer!

colorbar vs nyx nail polish

As you all know that I happened to get a chance to try and review about 6-7 nail lacquer shades from Colorbar! Also Anamika tried a limited edition set of about 18 nail polishes from NYX so I was very curious about how the mini nail paints can be compared so as to list out the pros and cons of each of the nail polish range and also acknowledge the readers as to what choice they can make for themselves if they happen to love these cute mini nail paints for those pretty manicured hands and flirty nail paints!

nyx mini nail polish

So, here I am bringing out the good and the bad things about both the range of nail polishes from Colorbar & NYX!

Colorbar Pro Mini Nail Lacquer

Lets have a critical appreciation of NYX Mini Nail Paints

About NYX Mini Nail Polishes

The high-quality formula comes in our best shades of the season.  Hopeless romantics can thank us for the long-lasting formula later.  We love you too!

NYX Mini Nail Polish Pastel Pistachio notd

Key Features-

  • Coats nails with high sheen color in just a few strokes.
  • We love options and this set gives us so many to choose from.

Price: $20 for 18 nail polishes

Packaging: This mini nail polish comes in a round transparent glass bottle with a black cap which has the applicator brush to apply the nail paint. It perfectly fans out over the nails in a single swipe and gives an opaque stroke of color. The nail paint bears the name of the brand.

nyx mini nail polish soft pink

Now something about Colorbar Mini Nail Lacquer

About Colorbar Mini Nail Lacquer

Colorbar launches the Colorbar Pro Mini Collection in a DO-IT-YOURSELF NAIL ART Kit. This kit combines a delectable range of our top-selling shades and Glitterati top coats that complement each other perfectly. Get the salon-like finesse of Nail Art, right at home!

colorbar pro mini nail lacquer blue web notdcolorbar pro mini nail lacquer blue web notdcolorbar pro mini nail lacquer blue web notd

This kit is not only good for self-indulgence but also a perfect gift for a loved ones.

3- Free Formula: These handpicked best sellers are free from DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde. They don’t cause yellowing and are chip resistant too.

Price: INR 1250 for 1o mini nail paints!

NYX Mini Nail Polish VS Colorbar Mini Nail Lacquer

Shade Range-

NYX has a pretty wide range of shades and from soft pastels to bright bold shades, it has almost each shade in its various range of nail paints.

NYX Mini Nail Polish In French Pink Packaging

While Colorbar has also an extensive range of eye popping shades but has limited shades!


NYX Mini nail polish and Colorbar Mini Nail Lacquer both have more or less similar packaging and have a sturdy mini boColorbar Pro Mini Lacquer Flirt review

Glittery Texture-

I observed that the glitter in NYX Mini nail polishes is way too chunky and Colorbar here scores over as the glitter looks infused and perfect on applying!

colorbar pro mini nail lacquer bubbly nail


The Colorbar nail paint dries out in 3 months time while the NYX Nail paints tend to stay  like that for a long time! Anamika has been using them since 5 months! 🙂


NYX sadly is not available in India and you have to get it abroad from a friend or relative living there!

nyx mini nail polish soft pink

Quick Dry Application-

NYX nail polish take a long time in drying after each coat while the Colorbar mini nail paints is thick and dries too quickly after applying it! Probably that is another reason it dries out in 3 months time!

nyx cosmetics mini nail polish complex purple notd

Both the range of nail paints have their own set of pros and cons as listed above so I  would suggest to choose that which appeals you most and depends upon what shades or texture you are looking for!

Hope this comparison is helpful in choosing the better range out of these two!

Have you tried NYX or Colorbar Mini Nail Paints Before?

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