NYX Mood Lip Gloss MLG01


NYX Mood Lip Gloss is part of the Wise She NYX International Giveaway . As this is  quite a famous lip gloss  we added these in both the first and the second winner prize.:)


NYX Mood lip gloss reviews


What NYX Claims About NYX Mood Lip Gloss


Pamper your lips with NYX Mood Lip Gloss, which gives you a gorgeous shade of reddish pink! Its creamy texture glides on smoothly and self-adjusts in seconds to turn your lips into mesmerizing rose petals.

Get your lips the heavenly shine!


  • Price  – INR 440


NYX MLG01 mood lipgloss


It’s looks like a clear gloss but after few seconds it gets trasnferred into pink shade.How cool is that 🙂


NYX mood lipgloss reviews


This is what few of the makeupalley writers have to say about the gloss


 am pleasantly surprised by this gloss! It turns in to the most perfect pink colour on my lips. I don’t think I’ve ever found such a nice pink that suits my lips – which are quite dark.
The gloss is quite thin, so doesn’t last for long – but that doesn’t bother me. It’s not sticky at all – nice and sheer.
A cute little novelty that turned out to be one of my favourite glosses


i actually really like this lipgloss. it has pretty good staying power and i like the color it turned my lips. though sometimes it does get a little bright, putting a lighter gloss over it fixes that. it’s cheap enough to give it a try!


NYX lip gloss mood lip gloss


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  1. First browsing through pictures i thought what the heck, black lip gloss or what? :p

    Very cute pink packaging …would love to see how it working on lips 🙂


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