NYX Round Lip Gloss In Peach Review & Swatches


Post By Swati,

Wise She Mega NYX International Giveaway entry 1 by Swati

Hey lovely Ladies,
I am glad to have my first post up on WiseShe. Since this would also be my first entry (there are many more to come :P) for the WiseShe Mega Nyx Giveaway, I thought it would be appropriate to start with my favorite Nyx product- Nyx Round Lipgloss in Peach. This gloss stays on my lips for around 3-4 hours with light snacking and drinking. Even after the gloss disappears, a slight peachy tint remains for a long time.
Color: It’s a lovely pinkish peach color which has warm undertones to it. It shows pretty well on my super-pigmented lips and goes great with my dusky skin. That being said, I think it would also look great on fair skinned girlies because the color would show really well against fair skin too. The shimmery peach gloss goes on very sheer but can easily be built up to give more color.

Nyx Round Lipgloss in Peach Review

The shimmer particles are very tiny so they do not look chunky or OTT even for daywear or officewear. The color does not wash me out even when used on its own. But, when pairing it with a lipstick, I need to make sure I pair this with a complementary shade or it can look a little out of place.


NYX Round Lip Gloss -Peach reviews


  • Texture:  The texture is not too sticky but isn’t very runny either. I would call it creamy. It is the perfect gloss to give a wash of beautiful color to the lips without drying them. The gloss spreads evenly all over the lips and does not horridly settle into the fine lines. The glitter particles are so tiny that they do not feel gritty or chunky.
  • Price: $3 on CherryCulture

NYX peach lip gloss round


  • Clear see-through tube in which the color is clearly visible.
  •  Black cap for the applicator with the Shade no. and Code given on it.
  •  Sponge-tip applicator which is very sturdy.


 Swatches of NYX Round Lip Gloss in Peach

NYX round lip gloss peach swatches



NYX Round lip gloss peach swatches


What I liked about NYX Round Lip Gloss In Peach

  • The formula is very creamy. It isn’t too goopy or too watery.
  • Doesn’t dry my lips. That being said, it doesn’t do any good to chapped lips either, but that’s understandable since it is lipgloss.
  • Stays on for a good 3-4 hours which is awesome for the price I paid for it.
  • The packaging is cute and sturdy.
  • The color will suit warm as well as cool-toned beauties. I tried it on myself (warm toned) and my friend (cool toned) and we were both able to carry it pretty well.
  • The glitter particles are not OTT.
  • The color is buildable and will not wash you out.


What I do not like about NYX Round lip gloss in Peach

  • The only thing that bothered me about this was its lemony detergent-like smell. But the smell goes off a few minutes after application so I have gotten used to it.
  • Nyx products are not easily available in India and if they are, the prices are astronomical.

Will I purchase it again: Of Course! The Round Lipgloss range has tons of lovely colors I can’t wait to try. I just wish shipping charges at cherryculture weren’t that high so that I could purchase Nyx from them more often!

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  1. wow this works on pigmented lips also..i will go mad..i want!! i want! i want!
    :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump:

    Welcome to wise she writers group Swati :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright:

      • Heehee//true….u have a megashine ka shade called golden pink…and it luks nothing like golden pink..its more of a brighter bubblegum pink shade 🙂 🙂 😛

      • Yeah…this shade is red based and not blue based…its a slightly warmer incarnation of pink..and has gold shimmer too..but i agree that the name pink doesnt really suit it

            • That’ s right, it might look pink in the bottle, as you can see the swatch gives the real picture peachy peachy. As swathi said, it has slight red undertone to it.

          • Thanks Ana…all these years of reading beauty blogs have finally paid off if one of the best beauty bloggers in India appreciates my analysis 😎 ….I have always loved colors, so analysing them comes naturally to me!

  2. welcome t wiseshe Swatiii!!! And wot an awesome beginning!! Nyx giveaway ke liye nyx post!! 🙂 🙂 me too luv their glosses..and i luv d fact da it covers pigmentation….vey well written!!

    Btw i luv the nyx detergent smell 🙂 i dunno y but i doooooo!!!

    • You like it? Lucky you!..It must be easier for you to use it…since i have gotten used to the smell it doesnt bother me too much…

      Yeah…its like lemon wala wheel…i wish mine had vanilla scent too…i luurvv vanilla!

      • hehe..yeps..infact i sometimes take out the round lipsticks just to smell them 🙂 🙂

        if u like vanilaa then ul luv MAC 🙂 🙂

        • Yeah…I am sure..in fact I am 200% sure that I will love Mac :inlove: , Vanilla scent or no vanilla scent….but how does a 20 year old convince her parents to buy her a small bottle of foundation that costs 1600 or eyepencils that cost 800? :-/

  3. i just feel like it has a soapy smell..the megashines have a vanilla smell…i dnt have the round lipgloss so wo to nahi pata…but i will kno soooonnn 🙂 🙂

  4. hi Tans!! How u doin tday?? Me too think it luks too pink and nt peach…also the swatches given on the site r so misleading..i always chk on youtube for the right swatches 🙂

    • When I first saw it, I thought it would be too garish for day wear…but fortunately, I have been able to wear it to college everyday without getting weird looks from people :dance-leftright: …it gives a lovely pinkish glow to the lips…nothing too bright! :dance:

      • very true Swati…alot of their shades luk OTT in the packaging but on application comeout very light and wearable 🙂

      • wow wow wow !!1 YUR FRIENDS must be envying u for thi super looking gloss and now wonder now u want all the NYX products 😛

        • Haha..true Ana…they keep asking me where I get these stuff from…though my stash is nothing compared to yours! :idk:

  5. Ze i’m more of a tinted lip balm person .I like my Lip-Ice Sheer colour…very buildable. And i also like frosty lippies more than matte or glossy one. So i have these Avon’s pink-frosty ones that i wear when i’m in a mood for lipstick.

  6. Really…i will ask someone to pick them up or maybe order online WITH TRACKING this time :sarcasm:

    I have been waiting for Lip Ice to launch their other shades tinted balms. But they only have them selling in Malasia etc..

  7. I just saw those on Cherry Culture..its on sale !!! Long lasting matlab how long? does it leave a tint even after its shine is gone? I seriously want to order a few of these…jaldi jaldi tello

  8. Oh yes mits..d tint remains fr long evn aftr d color is gone…on my lips it lasts abt 3hrs b4 the gloss fades.. Ofcourse dis wud depnd on the shade. Bright shades like juicy leav a deeper tint and lst longer whereas nude or lighter shades like spirit doesnt last too long… Leme kno if u want shade suggestions..i hv all of dem nd may b of sm help 🙂

    • WOW girl you have all those shades..but now i’m scared of ordering online..Anu let me know if your package arrives. Maybe i’l take some courage then.

        • i liked ALL of the below ones

          Pinky Winky
          Orange Passion
          Champagne Bubble

          Tell me which ones are long wearing ones. Even if they are shere as long as they stay long its good enough for me.

          • i just ordered these from ebay Joy’s Zara 😀

            Juicy TLS10
            Hush TLS06
            Nirvana TLS05
            Orange Passion TLS08
            Copacabana TLS01
            Matador TLS02

            CB09 Orange
            CB06 Diva

            ESB03 Skin Tone

            • orange is really awesome…but u just hav t be thoda careful while blending…the first time i used it i luked like i was sick or somethin..

              whats the skin tone thing? foundation?

          • cool..leme tell u a bit about the shades…firstly obviously they r all semi sheer with some shades which will not really show up at all..as always, nys specializes in pink/reddish shades and the browns r not too gud..

            as for the shades u like leme tell u a bit bout them:
            Juicy:a must have and my fav..this is a fab bright red
            Pinky Winky: itsextremely sheer and doesnt show on the lips..also it has a hint of frost
            Hush: is in the brown family and doesnt show up at all.its like a normal transparent lip balm
            Nirvana: comes second in the brown family and does show up but i think if u want a brown from this u wud like matdor better since its more pigmented
            Jewel: is an awesome color and comes second after juicy in pigmentation.
            Orange Passion: a must have fr all coral lovers 🙂
            Champagne Bubble: totally sheer and wont shpw up on lips
            Sake:is a nice medium pigmented shade but the color fades quickly.
            Copacabana: again a medium pigmented shade but a lovely one and ul luv using it for sure..it comes in the pink family
            Matador: the most pigmented of the brown family.
            Spirit: on first sight this luks like it’ll come in the brown family but actually has a punkish tinge to it. its the all time fav shade in this range
            Vintage:This is an amazing must have shade Mits! Go for it!

            hope this helped:)

              • haha…i wud hav repled earlier..but i just saw this half an hour back so i ran to my room and swatched them and came back and replied…hehe…

                u shud also try these sometime A…

                  • haan…lekin no matter wot u get, m not gona like anything as much as i luv exp.pink 🙂 🙂 it stole my heart!

                    btw, hav u tried their lip gelees?

                • Zara :-* :-* :-*

                  Next time i’m ordering these Vintage and Jewel are on my hit list

                  Sin tone is the eye base-primer that i ordered. thats the shade. i’m sure you already have it.

                  :-* :-* :-* :-*

                  • Do get them Mits! ul lub them..

                    no re..i dont have primer pots..i hardly do eye makeup and so i use whatever i have…like coloressence ka base and i have one from wet n wild..they never get over only… 🙂

            • Hey Laksh! i’ve tried the matte lip creams and honestly m not a fan..when u just wear it it luks fantastic but aftr 45mins to an hour it settles DEEP into the lines of my lips and luks so yucky..and it fades very unevenly on me….if u have nice soft lips only then give this a try otherwise id advise u not to go for this..

    • Yeah Laksh…Round Lipglosses were my first purchase from Nyx. Since I wasnt sure about the brand back then, I bought these because they were the cheapest Nyx Products…I am so happy that i tried…do you own a lot of shades of Round Lipgloss?

  9. Hi MOKP, usually they r 5.50$ and on cherryculture u can get them fr 4.50$…to be very honest i got them when they were just newly released sometime in jan-feb…there was a sale on ebay for it and i got all 12 shades for 1700bucks.. 🙂 🙂


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