NYX Round Lipgloss 06 Mauve Review,Swatches & FOTD


NYX Round Lipgloss Review  -06 Mauve

A beautiful warm pinkish mauve lip gloss from NYX  is one of my  favorite lip gloss nowadays.It works on most of the lip colours be it pink or nude which makes me adore it more only thing which irritates me about NYX round lip gloss is  the funny fragrance.It has this candy fragrance which might be strong for few but if you can ignore  it then you might enjoy it almost every day 🙂

  • Price -INR 420 for 2.5ml (I don’t remember the exact price but it was somewhere near this)

NYX Round Lipgloss in Mauve Review

  •  Packaging – It comes in a see through clear packaging where gloss colour is visible and looks cute.
  • It has a sponge tip applicator which takes out more product than required most of the time 😛

NYX Lip gloss RLG 06 Mauve Review, FOTD

NYX Round lip gloss Ingredients :-


NYX round lip gloss Ingredients

Texture of the NYX lip gloss:-

I love the texture of this .It’s neither too thick nor too thin and gives a creamy yet glossy look.

NYX RLG 06 Mauve lip glosses+NYX Round lip glosses Mauve 06

 Swatches of NYX Round Lipgloss 06 Mauve

Pinkish Mauve matte lip gloss which if applied nude may wash out however  it very well adjust itself to many lipstick shades(just like Indian daughter in law’s 😉 )If you are above NC 40 or NC 45 then teaming it up with red and hot pink or nude will be a great idea.It covers pigmentation and gives good coverage and little amount of product is needed to cover whole of the lip.

NYX Round lip gloss 06 Mauve Swatches

 What I like about NYX Round Lipgloss 06 Mauve

  • Available in many  shades
  • Texture is beautiful
  • Its a adjustable shade and goes with almost all the colours.
  • Non Sticky
  • 2.5ml quantity of the product lasts long
  • Doesn’t dry out my lips

This is how it looks on me .

Round Lip glosses 06 Mauve on my face

What I do not like about NYX Round lipgloss 06 Mauve

  • Not very long staying
  • Strong fragrance
  • Availability is an issue in India
  • Expensive too here
  • Will I recommend it to others – This lip gloss can be a perfect nude for those who have lavender pinkish dark lips.Its a beautiful colour and will suit most skin tone.It might wash out some if used nude but it gets easily adjusted with most lipstick shade.
  • Wise She Rating -4/5


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  1. Ana….sorry but coudnt resist asking……Tumhare peeche itni sari boriiaaan kis cheez ki rakhi hai….? 🙂
    Btw this gloss will surely wash me out…though it’s looking reasonably good on u…..

      • Coz these kinda lip colors require some makeup on ur face and eyes as well…….like u have beautiful eye makeup and blush on ur face so that kinda balances the color…but a person like me who usually just puts on gloss…..it might not look good…..

  2. It is a lovely color Anks – it is one of my favs. I have a very similar one frm Jordana & I pretty much wear it everyday.. I use it on top of a dusty rose lip liner – it looks so natural! I love such shades 😀

      • Yea, it really does.. Like for example I have this lip liner that is a pure peach color & looks awful on me (I cannot carry off peach at all – in makeup or clothes) – I got it as a gift.. I use this colored gloss on top of that & suddenly it is such a wonderful pink-peach shade. It looks very interesting – almost like the same shade as Nars O 😀 😀


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