Nyx Round Lipstick 545 Hero Review and Swatches


NYX Round Lipstick in Hero

Have you ever had a love-hate relationship with any particular brand or product… the only problem was… you sometimes thought that the thing was just not worth it, and the very next moment, there is this moment of truth where you fall in love with it once again?

I promise this will be my last Nyx lipstick review. I swear. I am going off them. I don’t want one anymore. Because they take up fridge space.


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nyx round lipstick hero review+ nyx cosmetics

Who am I kidding? Me. I know. But I love love love the fact that Nyx round lipsticks are super creamy… and it looks so great on my lips. Today, I will show you the final one of my last week’s haul of lipsticks. This one is called Hero. I bought it recently along with another lipstick and a lip gloss from Nyx and I am really loving the brand in all its glory (my Nyx blush will be with me soon…). The problem with Nyx is what I have discussed before – staying power and the fact it melts if I carry it around in the heat. So, I have discovered a way out, and if you apply the colour the way I do, you would be getting more wear-time with the lipstick. I know, it seems a bit more to work with, but for a gorgeous colour, won’t you go that extra mile too?

Hero is a gorgeous shade of bluish red with slight brown undertones. I love it. I have found it slightly difficult to apply, because it does get smeared all over your lips if you are not careful and it does not glide on to your lips evenly, which is a problem if you are in a hurry. I have, however, found a way around it.

What I generally do is to take the lipstick out of my fridge, let it rest for a couple of minutes before swiping it on my lips once. Then I blot, blot, blot it, till the lipstick is nothing more than a faint red tint. Then I reapply the lipstick, and again blot, blot, blot it till it’s a slightly darker tint. Again I reapply, and no, this time I do not blot it more than once.


Nyx Liptick Hero on my lips–

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nyx round lipstick hero review+ nyx round lipstick


NYX Round Lipstick in hero- Swatch

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nyx round lipstick hero review+ nyx hero swatch

This is exactly how the colour looks, and now for the other pictures.


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nyx round lipstick hero review+ hero lipstick swatch

Broad daylight, outside



Inside room, no flash.

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nyx round lipstick hero review+ round lipsticks+ hero

Inside room, daylight, no flash.


nyx round lipstick hero review+ coral lipstick+ nyx

Okay, so well, the thing is, for 4 gm. I paid around 256/- (discounted, originally priced at 400/-) and I will be wearing this with all my blacks and whites, and with blue jeans too. That is because the colour is just perfect for my skin tone, and my fair mother looks like a dream in it too. I will be listing the cons later, but look at the colour for now. 😀


What I like about NYX Round Lipstick in Hero

  • Packaging is sturdy and super cute
  • Love the fragrance of Nyx
  • Super pigmented
  • The colour is gorgeous and stays on for 3-4 hours if you don’t eat anything (if you do it my way, it will stay for around 6, btw, and even if you’ve eaten)
  • Super creamy and very hydrating for my lips
  • Suitable for most Indian skin tones
  • Great value for money


What I don’t like about NYX Round Lipstick in Hero

  • Melts in the heat
  • Does not glide on too easily and has to be applied carefully, otherwise it bleeds
  • Difficult to apply
  • Low staying power



Ratings: 3.5/5

Will I Repurchase?  YES with a capital everything. I think this is one of the winning colours from Nyx.


Have you tried NYX Round Lipstick in Hero?


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  1. such a lovely shade…awesome lip swatches… :lipstick:
    i can find it singing tht song for me– i can be ur heroo babiehh….. 😛 😛

  2. This reminds me of phils hot li swatches in that lotus pure color lipstick post :lipstick: Suits you to the T Poorna. U found ur Hero indeed. 😉

  3. Nice review Poorna, and lovely swatches!
    I apply my NYX lippies the same way and they really last long.
    I don’t keep mine in the fridge may be that’s why i don’t see uneven application.


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