Nyx Round Lipstick Protus Review & Swatches


Nyx Round Lipstick Protus Review & Swatches

  •  Price: 400 Rs.
  • Quantity: 4 gms

Nyx Round Lipstick Protus Review & Swatches+bronze lipstick

Aren’t there some colours which you think will not look good on you, but actually they sort of look nice? My thing with Nyx Protus was just that. I bought three Nyx lippies recently, together with a gloss and a blush, and this one really stood out for me, not just because its so different as a colour, but, like it or not, it makes me look hot. I generally wear my favourite shades, BB Cream or my Lakme mattreal mousse (whichever I think is worth my time) and a white or black sleeveless top, and I am ready for the day or the night. This colour is one of the shades that goes gorgeously with my skin.

Don’t believe it? See the swatch!


Swatches Of Nyx Round Lipstick Protus :-

Nyx Round Lipstick Protus Review & Swatches+bronze lipstick swatches

Now, this is the colour, actually. It’s a warm shimmery bronze shade which actually melts and blends in nicely with my lips giving my lips a shade of shimmery pinkish bronze hue which is VERY flattering. My fair skinned mother, who has a peaches and cream complexion, also looked quite nice with this, so did my slightly yellowish-white skinned best friend. Another great thing is, this colour also looked good on my slightly darker sister, who has proper wheatish skin.

The colour has to be blended in… it is quite pigmented and does not spread evenly on my lips when I use it straight out of the fridge (I keep all my Nyx lippies in the deep fridge because I am dead scared they will melt if I don’t) and needs to be in room temperature for at least 10 minutes before I can glide it on). I love the fact that its not very expensive… generally 400/- for around 4 gm but you can easily get discounts up to 20-35%, if you are purchasing it from any online site. Its also very nicely pigmented and comes in a nice package, something I like. Not travel friendly in the heat… Strongly advising girls to NOT carry it if you are going out in this heat, because this WILL melt (as it did for my poor Pumpkin Pie… sob!), but if you are going out for 2-3 hours or so, this lipstick holds out perfectly for around 3 hours or so if you don’t eat. If you eat, it goes, and for me, it goes without a stain to carry, so if you are not equipped with a handy dandy replacement… well… you just might be in trouble.

Here are some of the pictures of me with the lippy on.

NYX Round Lipstick Protus On My Lips:-

Nyx Round Lipstick Protus Review & Swatches+bronze lippies

Okay, also another confession.

I have used this lippy as an eye shadow base to put on some dramatic shades last night when I was supposed to go out clubbing, and it worked out well. Went on and became possibly one of the best creamy eye shadow bases I could find.

Now who would have thought of that!

Actually, I think I just did.


Note the pinkish bronze hue. Both pictures taken in daylight, inside room. The tiny shimmers at the corner of my lips are a result of epic failure in lipstick application.

Nyx Round Lipstick Protus Review & Swatches+creamy nyx lipstick

My experiment with self-portraits.

Very impromptu, and mostly very badly done… but you get the general idea.

But, don’t you love it? I do.

What I like about Nyx Round Lipstick 514 Protus:

  • Value for money
  • Really not a colour that you’d find every day
  • Works well on wheatish, fair, and brown and yellow-tinged skins really well
  • Works as an eye shadow base too
  • Lovely package
  • Not obviously shimmery, but quite subtly so
  • I love Nyx Lipstick fragrances

What I don’t like about Nyx Round Lipstick 514 Protus:-

  • Have to be refrigerated or stored in a cold, dark place
  • Not suitable for travelling
  • Uneven application when I bring it out of fridge and try to use it
  • Staying power is low, and goes away completely when I eat anything

Verdict: 3.5/5

Will I Repurchase NYX Round Lipstick Protus ?

This won’t get over anytime soon, and I am hoping by the time it does, I will be bored of it, because currently this is my go-to lipstick.

Have you tried Nyx Round Lipstick Protus?

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  1. Awesome Review.. Chris! Gorgeous and sexy shade.. so made for yellow skintones !! :inlove: :lipstick: :chic:

    will suit U ME ANA.. 4 sure!!! n woww multipurposely used ..this will luk like an e/s how rekha uses in most of her movies.. like those gold shimmery e/s and colored lenses and red lips! remember?? ?:-) :-)) :beauty:

  2. hey nice review.. i love ur reviews they are always full of genuine gyan.. n 1st time probably saw u a thinny bit.. :razzmad: nice color suits u very wel..

  3. Lovely review Poorna :yes: U actually went around applying this lippie on evry1??? :rotfl: I wont be surprised if u tried it on ur maid too 😉 This is quite a unique shade…..looks ssssultry on ur lips :liptsick: :-))

  4. suits all skin tones??? tats fab!!! 🙂

    very few lipsticks do that.. a very different shade revied Poorna.. thanku 🙂


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