Wise She NYX Giveaway Product Experience


Hello All!!!

I received my NYX Giveaway prize few weeks ago. I have been using it every now and then but got so busy in some new project that only today I could find some time, and today I’m reviewing it 🙂

I received a Liquid Eyeliner in  copper and Sombra Ombre eyeshadow in Rust.

Both the products look really cool! I love the packaging and design. This is my very first NYX cosmetic yeyeyeye!!

Starting with the eyeshadow, It’s a beautiful chic single eyeshadow with see through cover.

NYX eyeshadow rust eyeshadow swatches,

Though its called Rust, its more between Plum and Brown. A beautiful color with sheen. This  is considered as MAC Cranberry dupe, is very pigmented has velvety  smooth texture.

If worn lightly, it looks brownish on my already brown eyelids. And if applied heavily with a brush, it looks plumy-brown. Both ways it looks awesome. Even without a primer it stains the eyelids beautifully.

I haven’t tried it a whole day, but worn over an eye shadow primer it stayed fresh for about 3 to 4 hrs.

I have tried it in two ways in the pics  one is with Golden and the other with muted brown. With Golden it looks quite ‘Dhinchak’, good on Sarees and festivals. With muted brown it’s nice even for daytime.

NYX rust eyeshadows eye makup look

The colour is so nice, I was tempted to use it otherwise. If blended nicely this can pass on as a blusher on dusky skin. I tried it on the back of my hand, it looks really nice. It is somewhere in-between matt and shimmery blush.

NYX eyeshadow rust eye makeup

I even tried it on my lips. Applied it with my finger on bare lips and then applied a thin coat of  gloss 🙂

eyeshadow on lips

So far I have tried Eye shadows from Lakme, Chambor, Maybelline, Revlon, Street Wear and Diana of London. Except from DOL I din’t quite like the quality of other E/s. But This one I really loved! Will surely be buying more from NYX!

Well so much for the Sombra Ombre eyeshadow ! Now about the NYX eyeliner in copper 

This Liquid liner comes in a sleek tube with a thin brush.

NYX Liquid eyeliner in Copper

I love brightly coloured pencil/crayons as EyeLiners, but have never been able to use liquid eye liners successfully. I bought a few bottles and had to chuck them unused [They were Black and Brown] I have been trying to use this one since the colour is so Nice! I am not yet perfect in applying this so not including a pic

NYX Liquid eyeliner in Copper swatches

The Colour is beautiful Metallic Copper. It is very bright with fine shimmer. Very very bright when I compare with my other pencil liners. It makes my eyes POP!  🙂  It’s that bright! And it’s the same reason why I need to perfect my art of ‘Eyelining’, even tiniest flaw will POP brightly 😀

I have tried using it like an eye shadow. I draw a [crooked] line and then smudge it while its wet. It does look beautiful like that, but I want to use it the way its meant to!

May be I should try with a thicker brush. If any of you gals have tips to share, pls do!

Apart from the colour I also like the fact that this can be removed very easily without any mess.

So those are my pretty gifts that pretty Ana sent to me because you pretty gals read my posts during the NYX Giveaway  🙂

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