NYX Single Eyeshadow ES109 Sunrise Review & Swatches



By Debarati Ghosh

NYX Single Eyeshadow ES109 Sunrise

Hi dolls. How are you? Today I am here with a review of an eye shadow from Nyx. I think this is a new shade in their single eye shadow range and I have found it in an online store. I was searching badly a red eye shadow to match with my newly bought red saree and Voila, I got it. I love Nyx products so without any second thought I have bought it.

Check the review to know more.


NYX Single Eyeshadow Sunrise


About NYX Single Eyeshadow:

Price- 375 INR

Shelf life- 4 years


NYX Single Eyeshadow ES109 Sunrise


My experience with NYX Single Eyeshadow ES109 Sunrise :

Packaging- This eye shadow comes in a black square shaped box with a transparent lid which has a black border. The lid is tight and locks well. So the packaging is quite cute and travel friendly.

Color, smell and texture- the shade Sunrise is a tropical red shade having strong pink undertones. It has a shimmer finish and the shimmers are silver in color and a little larger than normal. This is a pretty good shade but it is not for daily use or day time/office use. The shade would look gorgeous on brides or any bridal ceremonies with ethnic wears. This eye shadow has no any significant smell which I like the most.


NYX Sunrise Single Eyeshadow


Texture wise this eye shadow is very powdery and it is a bit chalky too. It is easy to apply and I didn’t find problems in blending the color on my lids.

Performance and staying power– the shade sunrise is a shimmery one. Shimmers are a bit larger in size, so they tend to fall out badly after some time of application. Blending is easy but one should not apply in huge amount as the shade is very vibrant.


NYX Eyeshadow Sunrise swatch


It stayed on my oily lids for about 4 hours without fading and then it started to fade. I used a foundation as a base underneath. But overall staying power is okay.

What I like about NYX Single Eyeshadow ES109 Sunrise :

  • Affordable
  • Attractive and travel friendly packaging
  • Goes well with ethnic wear or bridal make ups
  • Texture is soft but powdery
  • Blends easily
  • Staying power is okay
  • Don’t have any smell

What I don’t like about NYX Single Eyeshadow ES109 Sunrise :

  • Not easily available
  • Personally I love matte finish but it has shimmer particles in it
  • Staying power could have been better
  • A bit chulky and those shimmers tend to fall out badly
  • Shimmers are silver but I think it would be better if they were golden
  • Not for every day make up
  • It may not suit dusky skin


NYX Eyeshadow Sunrise EOTD


Overall verdict– Nyx Single Eye shadow in Sunrise ( ES109) is a very pretty reddish pink shade but some may find it a little vibrant. It has much and bigger shimmer particles which tend to fall. So if you are very fond of red shades you may try. Otherwise you may skip it. Brides who are in search of a budget bridal eye shadow may try it out.

Rating– 3.7/5

Have you tried NYX Single Eyeshadow ES109 Sunrise  ?

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    • Hi Ana Di.. No till now I haven’t tried 🙁 but now I will surely try it as a blush.. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 thanks for the suggestion 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  1. I didnt like the shade but your EOTD looks soooo pretty dear, if i would have used it, i wud have looked hell scary :p i love other shades from it like copper, golden bronze and black, moss green, this one i wud skip

  2. Guys did any body see the site ;Luxola??? they are not only giving free delivery to India, but also COD option to India, I was surprised to see an international site offering COD option and affordable price ! Me soo tempted!

  3. i liked the color. I would like to wear this close to the lash line and then liner rather than spreading it all along the eye lid.

    nevertheless your eotd is great. 🙂


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