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O.P.I Ridge Filler

In a word, it’s simply a boon to me.  Wondering why?  This O.P.I Ridge Filler is a perfect solution for weak, damaged nails that have a rough, uneven surface. I know, you will say you can always buff and smooth them out, but, too much buffing is not good for your nails in the long run- it wears them out. My case is somewhat similar- too much buffing and now I have these weak nails with an uneven surface

OPI Ridge Filler Review+for nails

Well, after some searching and researching I landed up with this amazing find from O.P.I and yes, I will say, it’s a great product. A perfect solution for weak, peeling, uneven and rough nails. You might just say that applying nail polish is a perfect solution to the above mentioned problems well- true to some extent but this product gives you something more. No wonder, O.P.I calls these “Classic Nail Essentials’

OPI Ridge Filler Review+protection for nails

About OPT Ridge Filler

Yes, instead of wasting more time, let’s nail the product- for good.

  • Name: O.P.I Ridge Filler
  • Price: INR. 430 ( I got a discount and paid INR.408)
  • Quantity:1/2 Oz. ( but it will last you really long)
  • Availability: online, I bought mine from purplle.com

It contains natural silk to gently smooth out uneven natural nails. A luxurious and effective base coat that smoothes nails for a more even lacquer application

OPI Ridge Filler Review+for thin nails

OPI Ridge Filler Directions:-

  • Recommendation: Smoothes nails for a more even lacquer application. OPI Ridge Filler fills those small ridge lines that some nails have from dryness. It gives nails a smooth glassy finish, so that nail polish applies evenly and looks great.

Apply OPI Ridge Filler before using base coat on nails, then proceed with nail polish and top coat

  • Ingredients: Not mentioned

OPI Ridge Filler Purpose:-

My take on the product: as I already said that I have weak nail and some uneven (by uneven I mean the nail surface is not very smooth when I touch it) nail surface, I found this to be a boon. It has a natural whitish color which turns out just your nail’s natural color and dries to a matt finish. If you look at your nails, no one will be able to tell you that you are wearing anything on them- just your plain, natural nails. It dries to a perfect matt finish. But, here lies the magic- your nails will look flawless- even and smooth! Yes! It’s true. My friend even complimented that my nails have improved a lot J-though I did not reveal the secret to her – devil me!!!

OPI Ridge Filler Review+evens out nail colour

(After single coat application)

What’s more, one single coat is fine- you will not need a second one, mostly because you will be wearing two coats of polish on top of that- no point layering and wasting product. What I have noticed is that this O.P.I Ridge Filler works amazingly well as a base too- the nail colors come out amazingly well- somewhat opaque. And, if you are coupling it with an O.P.I polish- you can be sure that your polish won’t chip in the next 15 days ( but then again I don’t do any household work) and if you have this on your toe, it lasted me a good 21-22 days…yes, believe me! You will fall in love with your perfectly manicured/pedicured hands and feet <3

OPI Ridge Filler Review+nail healer for discoloured nails

(Please ignore my unkempt cuticles :P)

The brush is normal like any other O.P.I nail brush and is good enough to cover your nails in one go.

What Iike about O.P.I Ridge Filler:-

  • Affordable
  • Available online
  • Dries fast
  • one coat is perfect
  • Perfect solution for weak, brittle, peeling nails
  • Looks natural- so if you are not looking for polishes, you nails still stay protected
  • Great as a base and will make your polish hold on longer- days in fact if coupled with polish of the same brand
  • A perfect brush, that ensure minimum product wastage

OPI Ridge Filler Review+nail art

( My manicure that lasted 15 days- if not more)

What I don’t like about OPI Ridge Filler:-

  • You will have to have a real fast hand- dries really fast
  • Don’t apply 2 coats- it will become patchy, uneven and streaky– mostly because it dries fast
  • While using keep your ceiling fan off- it will dry up the product
  • Before using u need to shake the bottle really well as a kind of yellow fluid separates and a white viscous liquid settles down.
  • While removing, you will need some extra polish remover
  • Best to keep off the cuticle- its dries there and gets collected
  • Yes, no ingredients mentioned

Recommended: Oh.. do I need to say that now? I will keep purchasing it! A must have for me now. You must be thinking with so many cons, why should I repurchase it? Because if you notice the cons, it’s normal with any polish I guess. So, I am overlooking that for sure.

  • Rating: A perfect 5

Love it/ Leave it: <3 it

Have you tried OPI Ridge Filler?

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  1. I supah love ur review.. bidi! :inlove:

    But luckily my nails are all good.. *touchwood* .. This post will be helpful for many! gr8 :yes: :yes: 😀 :hug-makeup:

    • ues..Shivi..it does..mine is looking a bit yellowish here in th epic coz i was a red np with out a base for sumtym…

    • Haan re Mitra I tried… it thinned out my nails even more and they became all the more brittle 🙁
      Luckily i found this…


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