O3+ Eye Circle Cream Review


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I have been suffering from itchy and puffy eyes since long. Puffy and tired looking eyes makes your appearance worst in any manner. I have tried loads of eye care products before and home remedies as well. I was looking for an eye care product since ages that could give me better and long lasting results. We at WiseShe got O3+ eye circle cream in August envy Box edition. Is it worth a place in your stash? is it effective for eye problems?? Lets get into the details.

Product Info

Concern – Combatting dark circles
Skin Type – All skin type
Benefits – Fades dark circles, reduces puffiness & wrinkles

Details – The O3+ Eye Circle Cream smooths the eye contour while lifting and firming the skin around the eyes. It deflates bags, reduces puffiness, smooths wrinkles, and fades dark circles leaving the eyes looking younger and more radiant.
eye cream o3+ ingedients

How to use: Twice a day, apply in small quantity around the eyes.

Shell Life: 36 Months

Price: INR 385 for 15 gm.

eye cream o3+

Packaging: It comes in white colour small tube with sleek white cap. The whole information has written over the tube. The signature O3+ packaging is quite sturdy and eye catching.The quantity of this eye cream is 15 gm for INR 385.The packaging is haul-able and easy to deal with. It fits easily in my handbag and one can apply anytime they want.

My Experience With O3+ Eye Circle Cream

Texture: The cream is in white color . It is not very thick and has gel like consistency. The texture is creamy and smooth that glides easily. It has glycerin as major ingredient that soften delicate eye area. It gives proper amount of hydration to my eyes and the effect is long lasting. My eyes are really sensitive and it calms down the under eye area skin really well. It worked great on tiny lines around my eyes and it doesn’t stretch my delicate eye area at all.

Effectiveness: The cooling and repairing formula works great to reduce puffiness and gives softening effect on my eyes. I really don’t have major dark circles , so I cant really comment how it is effective on under eye dark circles. The low part of this eye cream is, it is not very effective to reduce Crow-feet, which is major concern for most of ladies.

If you have very dry eye area and have major imperfections around eyes then this is not for you.

What I Like About O3+ Eye Circle Cream?

  • Well-built plastic tube packaging
  • Cap keeps the product in place
  • Affordable
  • Non sticky clear gel like consistency
  • Moisturizing
  • Can be worn under makeup
  • Gives slight cooling and soothing effect to delicate under eye area
  • Reduce puffiness to an extent
  • Only tiny amount is required at a time
  • Haul-able.

eye cream o3+ swatch

What I Don’t Like About O3+ Eye Circle Cream?

  • Does nothing for my dark circles
  • Not great for fine lines and crow’s feet
  • Quantity is less for the price




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