O3+ Facial Peel Micro Derma Barsion Review


O3+ Facial Peel Micro Derma Barsion Review

Hi all,

I will be reviewing the O3+ Facial Peel Micro Dermabrasion today. We all scrub are faces clean with either home remedies or OTC available scrubs. O3+ has come up with a unique range of products which are professional and yet can be used it home without any difficulty.

I have in the past used O3+ massage creams, peel of face packs. Let me review the Derma Barsion for you all.


O3+ FacialPeel Micro DermaBarsion


About O3+ Facial Peel Micro Derma Barsion:-

Helps in removing the dead cells with the help of micro granules Aluminum Oxide Crystals. Recommended for 25 years and above.

About O3+:

03+ is a professional range of Skin Care treatment, which has been designed, developed and formulated in Hong Kong. It is been widely used by qualified Dermatologists, Skin & Beauty Therapist. The product is specially designed to suit the skin care treatment, under the supervision of dermatologists and the beauty therapist. 03+ assures to reinvent your skin.

Best for skin:

  1. With imperfections, like clogged open pores, thickened blemishes, marks, dark spots and wrinkles etc.,
  2. Damaged by stress,
  3. Damaged by hormonal reasons,
  4. Damaged by changes of seasons.

Expected results:

1. Smoothens cutaneous layer

2. Minimizes pores, spots, wrinkles, blackheads & whiteheads etc.

3. Revives the complexion

4. Unifies skin-tone and gives a youthful look to the skin.

Price: INR 1650/-


Natural collagen (from soya bean), Mallow extract, Natural Vitamin C (from fresh orange), Botanical Extract, Natural Vitamin E extract (from almonds), NMF, etc.


O3+ Micro Derma Barsion


My experience with O3+ Facial Peel Micro Derma Barsion:

I love using scrubs once a week; this one comes in a pure white see through bottle. The granules cannot be felt in just one application. The rubbing action makes me feel as if the blood is circulating inside my skin and removing impurities. I love the effect of this scrub on my skin. However, the scrub is based for dry skin beauties since the base is very creamy. It leaves oily residue behind. I top the scrub with a nice mask and that makes my skin radiant.


O3+ Micro DermaBarsion


Micro Derma Barsion is an innovation which completes the scrubbing process rather quickly and more efficiently. I usually follow it up with O3+ soothing massage cream and the peel off face pack. I follow this routine once a month. However, this product can only be used by women above the age of 25. Thus, young readers can skip this one.


O3+ Facial Peel Review


My mom is a regular user of O3+ products and has recently started amino collagen in her daily diet. She looks radiant πŸ™‚


O3+ Facial Peel HandSwatch


What I like about the O3+ Facial Peel Micro Derma Barsion:

  • Result oriented,
  • Better than the regular scrubs available in the market,
  • Quick scrubbing effect,
  • Suits sensitive skin also,
  • Best for dry skin types,
  • Gives radiant look.
  • Not surgical scrubbing like Dermabrasion.

What I donÒ€ℒt like about O3+ Facial Peel Micro Derma Barsion:

  • No cons I can think of except for the fact that it is not suitable to oily skin types.

Wiseshe rating: 4.75/5

Have you tried O3+ Facial Peel Micro Derma Barsion?


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  1. My parlour lady use this when I went for 03+ facial πŸ˜› I love the effect.. 03+ products r very good for oily and dry skin as well. I m using soothing care right now and it does work grt for dry skins.. :yes:

    Nice review dear :))


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