O3+ Hydrating & Soothing Face Wash Review


O3+ Hydrating & Soothing Face Wash

Hello Everyone,

I am here with a product review this time which was actually a gift from a friend! She gave me some other summer essentials with this! Well, I had only heard about O3+ skincare range being actually good for the skin. So when I got it, I was like really happy to finally try it!

o3+ hydrating face wash

About O3+ Hydrating & Soothing Face Wash

The innovative and gentle formula has been formulated after thorough research and is developed by scientists. This O3+ Face Wash has a very soothing and moisturising effect on the skin to make it feel supple and comfortable after wash. The purifying formula brightens complexion and evens out skin tone to make your skin look flawless and clear. Ideal for those with normal to dry skin, this cleanser washes in hydration so your skin doesn’t feel dry or taut after wash; instead it feels hydrated and soft.   You can also wash off the last trace of makeup with this handy O3+ Face Wash that also washes away impurities to keep your skin feeling clean.

Key Features-

  • Hydrates Skin
  • Eliminates Make up and Impurities
  • Ample Soothing and Moisturising Effect
  • Gives Uniform Tone
  • Formulation Researched and Developed by Dermatologists
  • For Normal To dry Skin

Price– INR 225 for 50g. Available on Flipkart at discount.

o3+ soothing face wash

Shelf Life– 36 Months from mfg. date

Directions To Use-Apply on the face in circular motion, massage gently and rinse off. Use daily.


o3+ hydrating face wash ingredients

Packaging- This face wash comes in a white opaque tube with a white flip top cap. The opaque packaging is a little disappointing as you don’t know how much of product is left! The cap has a small nozzle through which the product is squeezed out.

o3+ hydrating soothing face wash

Product Color & Texture– This hydrating and soothing face wash is gel based milky white fluid and has a runny consistency. The face wash lathers decently and requires only a small amount of face wash for a single cleansing.

Fragrance– The face wash has a very pleasant mild fragrance as that of glycerin and aloe vera. It eventually fades away after few minutes of rinsing.

o3+ face wash texture

My Take– It has been almost three weeks that I have been using this face wash. I was not that regular with this and also used Limoncello Face Wash from Nature’s co for a while.

Well, I have normal skin which gets oily in extreme summers. This face wash is specially formulated for normal to dry skin.

Well, due to hot summers most of us try to pick up skincare products which give a cooling and soothing sensation to the skin and effectively reduces oiliness from the skin. The face wash is good and effective in making the face squeaky clean after removing your makeup. It gives a gentle cleansing feel on the skin.

o3+ hydrating soothing wash

Regarding the claims of complexion brightening, I don’t think this face wash is meant for that so no comments on that!

It didn’t give me any breakouts and I am more than happy to use it.

One thing which I didn’t like about this face wash is that it is a little runny and tends to come out more than you need for a single usage. It leads to product wastage!

I loved the mild fragrance and don’t have any issues with it! 🙂

What I like about O3+ Hydrating & Soothing Face Wash?

  • Hydrating & soothing
  • Mild sweet fragrance
  • Gently cleanses the skin
  • Effective removes every trace of grime
  • Suitable for normal to dry skin
  • No breakouts

What I don’t like about O3+ Hydrating & Soothing Face Wash?

  • Runny texture leads to product wastage! 🙁


Will I recommend?– Well, if you have normal to dry skin then I will surely say to try it once! (Y)

Have you tried  O3+ Hydrating & Soothing Face Wash?

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