O3+ Whitening Day Cream SPF 15 Review /First Impressions


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O3+ Whitening Day Cream SPF 15

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O3+ as a brand needs no introduction. This brand has garnered lot of praises with its effective skincare products. I received a sample of the O3+ Whitening Day Cream, as a sample in the Envy Box. I received two 10 ml sized samples of this and now I am ready to share the first impressions of this cream with you all.

O3+ Whitening Day Cream spf 15 - Info

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About O3+ Whitening Day Cream SPF 15

O3+ White Day Cream is enriched with nutrients that reduce skin pigmentation and enhance skin tone. Moreover this cream has UVA and UVB protection that helps in preventing sun tan.

O3+ Whitening Day Cream spf 15

Direction For Use: Before exposure to the sun, apply day cream on the face in circular motion.

Price: INR 775 for 50gm

Shelf Life: 36 months

Packaging: I received two 10 ml tiny tubes of this cream. The brand retails the cream in an opaque tub which has a metallic cap that screw opens.

Texture: It has mediocre consistency and spreads on skin with ease. Blending it is also a smooth process and does not require many efforts.

O3+ Whitening Day Cream spf 15 - packaging

Fragrance: It has a faint cosmetic like fragrance, which we usually find in garnier products. But since the fragrance is mild, I think that all women will be okay with its fragrance.

O3+ Whitening Day Cream spf 15 - texture

My Experience with O3+ Whitening Day Cream SPF 15

This cream is meant for dry to normal pigmented skins and has SPF 15. Since I have dry skin, I was really curious to see how it works on my skin.

To be honest the SPF 15 content does not made me very happy and this SPF content to me is like an everyday need, but relying it solely when outdoors is definitely not a wise idea. In Indian temperature a minimum of SPF 30 is needed when outdoors.

O3+ Whitening Day Cream SPF 15 Swatch

This cream has a mediocre consistency but still proves to be a little heavy when applied. A little extra application of this cream makes me feel like a fried pakora. Oily skinned ladies should stay away.


My skin is almost parched in this season and it instantly hydrates my skin if used in right proportion. The cream has not broken me out, so sensitive skins too may try this.

Coming to its suitability on pigmented skins, let me be honest with 10 -15 days of usage I cannot really comment on it, but yes so far I have not seen any evident difference on dark spots and slight pigmentation on my nose.

I really feel that rating and reviewing this cream only with 10-15 days usage will be a bit too early, so I thought to share my first impressions only.

I am sure the first impressions in itself gave you all the much needed insights about this cream.

Have you tried O3+ Whitening Day Cream SPF 15?

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