Office Makeup – Easy Brown Make Up Tutorial


By Prerana,

Recently I have developed a love for shimmery and satin finish eye shadows, but thorugh out my life  I opted matte blush, matte eye shadows and matte lipsticks in long wear ranges may be because I used to be out of home mostly in day time when I hesitated to wear any shimmery makeup, So I thought to do a tutorial of a soft brown eye makeup specially for office / formal wear.


Step 1. First start with priming your lids, here I’m using Anamika’s, home made eye primer tip of mixing foundation with body butter and it really works well for me.  🙂


Step 2. Here I’m using all matte eye shadows. On eye lids apply any soft brown matte shade of eye shadow. Here I have used MAC soft brown eye shadow which my friend gave me.


Step 3. Now apply a dark brown eye shadow in the outer corner of eye and make a V.Here I have used the darkest shade of chai latte quad, you can also use MAC expresso shade, both the colors are same..

Blend the light brown with the dark brown in the mid of the eye lid with an eye shadow brush.


Step 4. With an angular brush apply a little of the dark brown shade in the crease. The application should be very subtle so that no harsh lines are visible, if accidental you end up with heavy application, blend it well.


Ohh !My lash fell down while doing makeup.I should have made a wish that time 😀

Step 5. Now again brown! Apply a brown eyeliner on your upper lash line. I didn’t used  liquid liner here coz I don’t want to define the eyes, this is a formal occasion makeup, but if u have small eyes, u may define it with brown liquid eyeliner.( like Maybelline Ultra Liner in brown)


Here I have used Chambor brown eyeliner pencil (it also comes with a smudger at
its back)

Step 6. Curl your lashes and apply black mascara on your upper and lower lashes, here I have used Lakme Lash Artist.

Simple eye makeup

Step 7. I also smudged the brown eyeliner a little so that no harsh line is visible, only hint of color is present, but it is totally upto u whether u wana smudge or not.

simple easy eye makeup look

Finish off with a kajal on lower lash line, I have used Lakme nine to five defining eyeliner pencil in black coz unlike kajal it doesn’t smudge (at least for 4-5 hrs it stays as it is on lower lash line)

And I’m ready with this subtle formal wear eye makeup..


  1. Super like Prerna…..guess what this is going to be my eye makeup today for office…GOD PROMISE :fingersxd:

    shall update you tomorrow about what feedback i get….. :announce: :announce:

  2. Prerna, your eyes are beautiful! The tutorial shows the hard work & passion you put in to do make up! Very well explained steps! :yes: :clap:

  3. I want lashes like you and Anu…she also has beauuutiful lashes jusht like you….wait i’m giving my lashes alond oil treatment…very soon i’l also flaunt mine… :smug: :smug: :smug:

  4. Girl you be happy with what you have for lashes….you see mine and you will be like “omg…God forgot to give you lashes and he parcelled you off…then he realised his mistake and sent some as complimentary” !!!


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