Ofra Vit C Cream Review


I received this cream in my Feb Vellvette box. Due to some circumstances I wasn’t able to use it till last month when I came back home. Now ofcourse it’s practically over and I’m wishing I had a large size with me..


ofra vit C cream+vit c cream

About Ofra Vit C cream

A daily anti-aging moisturizer for dry, normal, and combination skin. Enriched with vitamins, contains SPF 20.

How to use: Dip in and take a small amount; massage in circular motions on your face and neck.

  • Price: INR3900 for 50ml

ofra vit C cream review+vit c cream

My exprience with Ofra Vit C cream

I absolutely love this! I’ve used this last month when it was crazy hot and then when monsoons began and I can honestly say its amazing in both seasons. Most creams during this time tend to make my skin greasy and just sit atop my skin but this is amazing. It seemed thick and has the consistency of whipped cream which I thought would just sit steady on my skin..but wonder of wonders this just sinks in easily and made my skin silky soft. and it stayed that way for about 2 to 3hrs….yes you heard right…for 2 to 3hrs depending on whether I was outdoors or in.


ofra vit C cream review+vit c cream (2)


The cream has an orangey citrus fragrance that is very pleasant but doesn’t linger too long.

Now for the sad part..and the most heartbreaking one…the cost…the full size costs 3900bucks for 50ml…yesss! I wud never in my wildest imagination think of buying a daily cream/lotion for such a price. Max for this quantity I’d be ok to shell out 1.5k…but thats like tops! So it’s kinda sad that I won’t be able to get my hands on a full size of this baby…


ofra vit C cream+vit c cream+ofra

Why I like Ofra Vit C cream

  • Lovely, pleasant fragrance
  • Sinks into the skin very well
  • Moisturizes extremely well without making the skin greasy
  • Has SPF

Why I don’t like Ofra Vit C cream

  • The cost is a total deal breaker for me.

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Wish this costed a couple of thousands lesser 😀 Btw…i somehow don’t trust velvette’s pricing. Pls cross chec before any full sized product. They had listed anna andre’s products as high-end n put ridiculous price tags for otherwise dirt-cheap products. Anna andre has counters in some major cities n is also available online. How they get away with such outright cheating is beyond me :-/

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