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This post is about a very unconventional way of cleansing called OCM, abbreviation for ‘oil cleansing method’. The term ‘oil cleansing’ sounds very intriguing, the first time I came across the term I thought it meant cleansing the pores of all the excess oil, which is partially right. But I never thought that cleansing excess oil with oil itself was a possibility. Yes! This method is all about using a blend of oils as a cleanser.
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The Oil cleansing method is based on the principle ‘oil dissolves oil’. In chemistry there is a theory that a non polar solvent like oil, is the most effective in dissolving another non polar solvent of the similar composition. It’s the application of the same concept that gave rise to the oil cleansing method.
This also proves why there is no effective treatment to control overactive sebaceous glands in oily skinned people. The more we try to curb oil production with astringents the more oil our skin produces leading to acne, blackheads & whiteheads.
So how does this actually work? The usage of the right blend of oils gently removes skin impurities, purging pores of hardened sebum, grime & dead skin without disturbing it’s natural moisture balance. Over a period of time as the skin adapts itself to this system the occurrence of pimples, rashes & other dermal eruptions gradually recede. The usage of alcohol based cleansers & toners rip the skin of all moisture causing an imbalance. Whereas the oil cleansing method restores it’s normal function diminishing skin problems, in turn reducing blemishes, dark spots & acne scars ensuring a flawless, glowing complexion.


A few points to note:
1. This method of cleansing can be used by all skin types because the main purpose of it is to restore skin’s natural balance which is why it’s specially beneficial for Dry & acne prone skin.
2. The main ingredient of OCM is Castor oil. The thick consistency of castor oil unclogs pores by pulling out all the impurities. Castor oil is an astringent oil, excess amount can cause dryness.
3. There is a ratio recommended for different skin types, which is debateable as it can vary from person to person & other factors like climate can also influence it. I would suggest, you stick to the recommended ratio initially & alter it according to your needs once you get the hang of it.
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If you are allergic to Castor oil/ any carrier oil or undergoing any skin treatment, consult your dermatologist before you go ahead with this.
Recommended Ratios for the Oil Blend:
1. Dry skin: 1:3: 1 part Castor oil & 3 parts carrier oil(any one carrier oil)
Carrier oils for dry skin: Olive oil/ sesame oil/ sunflower oil/ wheat germ oil.
2. Normal skin: 1:2: 1 part Castor oil & 2 parts carrier oil.
Carrier oils for normal skin: Sunflower oil/almond oil/ avocado oil/jojoba oil.
3. Oily/acne prone skin: 1: 1: Equal portions of castor oil & carrier oil.
Carrier oils for oily/acne prone skin: Jojoba oil/rice bran oil/ grape seed oil.

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1. Prepare the oil blend suitable for your skin type
2. Apply a good amount of oil to your face & gently massage
3. Dip a washcloth into hot water, squeeze out the excess
4. Cover your face with the wash cloth & take a steam
5. Repeat steps 3& 4 twice
6. Gently wipe your face with the wash cloth.
7. Wash your face with warm water, if necessary.
While castor oil clarifies skin, carrier oil helps in moisturising & nourishing it. Steam helps in opening up pores & massaging gently dislodges dirt from them. More points to note:
  • Preferably Oil cleansing should be performed at night.
  • After cleansing nothing else should be applied to the face as the oils will work on restoring skin’s natural balance through the night.
  • If your face feels too oily, it is recommended to be washed only with tepid water.
  • If your skin feels dry, a drop of the blended oil may be applied to the face.
  • It is advisable to follow this method of cleansing twice a week.
  • You may experience breakouts initially, but your skin will adapt in due course of time.

My Experience with OCM:

I have been following The Oil Cleansing Method from the past few weeks, though I found it a little hard to adjust initially I am used to it now. At the beginning I did face two underlying eruptions but they subsided within two days without leaving a mark.

My skin would appear dull the next day of OCM but after consistently following it I have surely felt an improvement. It has helped in reducing skin sensitivity, my T-zone stays non greasy for a little longer than before, even with the usage of same products. I have noticed an improvement in my skin tone as well. But there is no difference in my skin texture or a decrease in skin eruptions. Maybe the improvements could be due to changes in season & climatic conditions but still I would want to give it a benefit of doubt. Natural methods often take very long to show results, but they only benefit us. So go ahead & give this a shot!

Have you tried Oil Cleansing Method?

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  1. Wow this sounds new and so interesting, loved your post 🙂 I will try it 😀 will use castor and almond oil, I love how almond oil works for my skin

  2. Oh Niharika- This is such a unique post dear.. 🙂 Besides I have dry skin – and in winter i used to apply either Olive oil or Almond oils.. this time will try using with castor oil too 🙂

    Thanks dear.


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