Oil Cleansing Method : Winter Skincare


Oil Cleansing Method : Winter Skincare

Oil cleansing? Most of us would be confused and in a state of shock reading this! Isn’t it? Well that’s true; oil cleansing can be of great use in nurturing the skin. Specially during winters, if done properly, Oil cleansing method can prove to be a very good solution for your skin.

Helichrysum essential oil benefits

Oil cleansing can help you remove dirt, pimples and blackheads to a great extent. During my childhood, I have seen my mother and grandmother apply oil all over our bodies and then making us bath. It was to keep the dryness and dirt at bay. As my mother would lace us in oil and then make us have bath with good glycerin soap and it would actually help the skin look better and not dry at all.

oleon argan oil texture

Oil cleansing means a combination of a few specialist oils, however. It does not mean you can go on with any coconut or mustard oil. You would need oils like jojoba, vegetable oil, sunflower oil and olive oil etc. Also, the ratio of mixing these oils would also differ depending on the skin type.


I, for example would be using castor oil in combination with lavender oil or argan oil.

almond-castor-vitaminE oil

For normal skin, the ratio of mixing would be 1:1 that is equal quantity of Castor oil and other oils. If you have dry skin you are advised to use only 10% of castor oil. For oily skin 30% of castor oil is advisable. To mention it a bit simply, refer to the following:

For Oily skin: 30% castor oil to 70% second oil

For Dry skin: 10% castor oil and 90% second oil

For a mediocre skin: 20% castor oil and 80% second oil

All these oils are easily available and thus it is bit convenient to use this method of cleansing during winters when one finds it difficult to move out at all times. Now after applying these oil mixes to your face, leave them for half an hour.

Oil Massage

Deeply massage the oil in circular motions on your skin and then clean it with warm and damp cloth. Do not rinse with cold water as this would negate the effect of the oils. Also, do not forget to moisturize your skin immediately after and at regular intervals to retain the moisture.

how to do home facial for oily skin (4)

You should repeat the process twice every fortnight during the winters to have a deepening impact and to ensure that your skin stays soft and supple apart from cleaned all through the season.

I hope this post would help you restore your skin’s balance and make you look prettier all throughout as you look during the summer season as well. Cleansing with oil is no longer a bad thing to do, isn’t it?

People have all the types of myths regarding oil cleansing and this leads to confusion in our minds and finally we come to conclude that we do not want to use it. I hope I have been able to remove this myth permanently off your minds. Do not believe in things blindly. I would urge you to try these cleansing methods at least once during the season and share your experience with us. I would say use the logic we apply to our hair. While hair massage can help us get softer silkier hair after shampooing, same way oil cleansing can give us a toned skin with lesser fallacies and may be a better looking skin.

Have you tried Oil Cleansing Method for skincare?

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