Oilcraft Naturals Premium Panch Pushp Facial Mist Review



By Shalini Jhall

Oilcraft Naturals Premium Panch Pushp Facial Mist

I searched a lot for a facial mist. You have limited options available in India – MAC and The Body Shop. Since I was just experimenting with facial mists, I wanted a cheaper option. I came across OilCraft on jabong.com and at Rs. 400 for 200 ml I was comfortable trying this natural facial mist.


Oilcraft Panch Pushp FacialMist


Panch push means 5 flowers and this mist is a blend of 5 flowers that are unique to India – Mogra, Rose, Saffron, Kewra and Marigold. Each flower has its own benefits – Rose if for toning, Mogra for hydration, Marigold for cleansing, Kewra for cooling and Saffron for healing. Oilcraft claims that this product has the potential to reduce spots, fine line and enhance general well being of the skin when used regularly.


Oilcraft Panch Pushp Facial Mist


I use this to dampen my makeup brushes before using them, I spray it after my makeup is done and use it now and then to hydrate my face. The fragrance is on the strong side which can be irritating for a few people. It works as a toner (alcohol free) balancing the skin’s pH level and moisturizer for daily skincare.

It can be ordered online from Oilcraft website, jabong or snapdeal.


Oilcraft Naturals Premium Panch Pushp Facial Mist


Price: Rs.400

What I like about Oilcraft Panch Pushp Facial Mist:

  • A multitasker – moisturizes, tones and hydrates
  • Very reasonably priced – great for people like me who are just starting to try facial mists
  • Overall it is a hero product

What I do not like about Oilcraft Panch Pushp Facial Mist:

  • It is a big bottle that cannot be carried in a handbag
  • The fragrance can be a bit overpowering
  • Not easily available, I only know that it can be ordered online

This deserves a rating of 4/5. Will I buy it again? No, I’d like to try the MAC mineralize charged water skin hydrating mist or The Body Shop one.

Have you tried Oilcraft Naturals Premium Panch Pushp Facial Mist ?

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    • They have a divine rose water too and if i remember correctly a very nice mogra water ..Rs 400 for 200 ml and its steam distilled.

  1. This is a wonderful product ladies. i agree with Chandni completely abt the hero product. Checked that Oilcraft Naturals is the supplier of panch pushp to forest essential so its the same product that you just pay # times the amount for and feel happy. Try it once and you will be blown away!!!! i was


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