Oily & Limp Hair Problem


Navya asks,

I am writing this, asking for some advice on my sensitive hair and skin. I have oily hair and dry skin. I did not have problems with my long black hair till 2 years back, when I suddenly had a breakout on my head, making my hair oily, limp and fallen. I just had a L’oreal Brazilian Smoothening treatment 3 days back.Much hair hasn’t fallen off since then, but I think the oil is coming back. Please advise on home remedies and suitable shampoo to use on this oily scalp before it gets worse. I live in 15% humid, 55 degree hot, and very windy place. I prefer herbal products as I am allergic in nature. I hope that you will be able to help me.


Best solution for oily and limp hair

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  1. me suffering from same problem :-(( …thin n oily hair & dry & itchy scalp….may be due to PCOS problem. :-/

    i m also searching for a solution :wallbash:

    • Yeah.. Tina… I understand… plus I once used to have such thick hair like my Mom (hers was till just above the ground) I think its what elders call the evil eye maybe, I never thought it would become THIS true that I lost all my hair. Btw, speaking of PCOS … u have facial hair and pigmentation ?

      • ya i badly suffers from facial hair , irregular periods n severe pigmentation on neck….tired of these…found no solution. i am taking metfromin twice a day.

  2. Hi Navaya as you have got smoothening done i will adivse you to go for this company shampoos and leave in treatment

    if u find that costly than go for biolage it is equally good..
    reviewed here

    for oily scalp take one lemon and mix it in a mug of water and give yur hair last rinse..u can use apple cider vinegar also .it will help u out..wash yur hair every alternate days and to prevent acne on your forhead do not let your hair fall on your forehead.

  3. yeah..daily washing is not good..it dries out your hair and scalp and in turn the scalp produces more oil to keep it moisturized..try alternate days..dont use harsh shampoos. Do you wear a helmet daily?

  4. I have the same problem Tina and I wash my hair everyday, my suggestion would be to get a mild/daily use shampoo and always dilute it in a mug and use smallest quantity possible. Lemon & oil treatment once a week would also be good. Unfortunately my problem started after I went for a L’oreal hair spa, it made my hair fall out in bunches 🙁


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