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Nisha asks

I am quite a regular reader of  your blog from some time and  I must say you are a doing great job.All the makeup, hair and skin care suggestions given here are excellent but I couldn’t find the suitable suggestions for my problem.Well my problem is my HAIRS.,., i have a very oily scalp but the ends are very dry…In the morning I wash hair, and in the evening scalp start getting oily but the ends remain dry.Using conditioner helps but that is just 2 less. Please  suggest something to smoothen my hair ends that  would not make my scalp more oily.,.,waiting for your  suggestions..


Oily scalp and dry ends suggestions



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  1. Hey Nisha!
    My hair type is same as yours… below is the recipe of a hair mask that i use for my hair and have also mentioned about it under Christina’s article about fenugreek seeds..
    This should help and yes the results are visible after 2-3 applications..

    My hair are a combination of oily scalp and dry length and i suffered from dandruff too..
    Soak 2tsp of fenugreek seeds overnight along with mehendi/henna separately as per your requirement.
    In the morning make a paste by blending softened fenugreek seeds (along with the water used for soaking), henna paste, add a stick of aloe vera gel and 2 egg whites.. add more water if required..
    Your hair masque is ready!
    This does wonders to my hair…
    Mehendi does the conditioning for length and fenugreek helps fight the dandruff.. oilliness of the scalp is also taken care of..
    I try using this once atleast in a week..

  2. jojoba oil /tea tree oil for scalp n olive oil to smoothen hair lth(not on scalp). this really works. atleast give a try for a mth.

  3. thanks akansha, m surely gonna use this pack.,,.bt where can i find these fenugreek seeds.,., or can i use the fenugreek plant itself.,.,???

    • Even i stayed in a hostel for good 3 years and what my mom used to do was.. whenever i visited home she would grind the fenugreek seeds as it is into a powder and i would carry it with me in a plastic jar. (approx 250gm).. it used to be enough stock for 2 months as u only need two table spoons of it and also use it once a week..
      add this powder directly to your mehendi mixture..

  4. bharathi i can suggest two things, soak fenugreek seeds for 12 hrs, it becomes so soft that you can mash it with the back of a spoon.. otherwise just add a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds two tablespoons of oil and leave this in the sun. in 7-8 days you have your own fenugreek oil.

  5. Same problem for me also. 🙁 but my mom told me that reducing oil also results in oily scalp.the sweat occupies it.wash 3 times a week with ordinary water.

    • Its true that the more u try to supress something it rushes out more, but we r using mehendi and egg along with methi which provides enough conditioning..

        • I dont like the burgundy color of henna, so i apply it only for an hour.. and for henna to impart its colour it needs to be washed off after 2-3 hours..
          But if colour is a big problem for someone.. one can use amla powder as a substitute and also add some curd to the mixture as amla causes dryness.

  6. i jst went to a PANSARI shop for getting methi seeds, bt the shopkeeper warned me regarding its usage, he said dese are used by diabetic patience.,., m bit scared to use dem on my hairs aftr seeing his reaction.,, i chkd online to see hw dese seeds look like bt the one i have with me are very fine, similar to that of “ajwain” seeds.,,.


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