Oily Skin Care Tips

Oily skin care tips
When it comes to skin care, everyone knows how daunting and challenging it is.  Facial skin problems are more complicated and require special products designed to suit and help those with oily skin.  You cannot use all kinds of products because acne is a very serious outcome if the skin gets clogged and damaged. Makeup products already have synthetic chemicals in them and you can cause an adverse reaction by applying the wrong product or too much of a certain thing.
Oily skin care tips+make up tips for oily skin
Below are some tips for women who have oily skin so you can be on the safe side while looking pretty and funky with makeup on.
  • You need to cleanse your face properly with a noncomedogenic cleanser so the pores open up and you can clean them for any barteria or debris which might be present within the skin cells. Wash your face with the help of warm water before and after the application of the cleanser and finish it off with the help of a proper skin toner material. Toners will clarify your skin even more for the application of further makeup products.
  • Every skin needs moisturiser, oily skin included.  Make sure you choose a brand that’s specially formulated for it.
  • Use primer before foundation and eyeshadow. It will help your makeup last longer.  If you have oily eyelids like mine then use some primer there too so that your eye makeup will last longer.
  • Use an oil free foundation for your skin while applying the makeup.  It will not aggrevate your acne problem.  Use clean fingertips for the application rather than a brush. Brushes tend to worsen the acne and it might spread only aggrevating the breakout issue in the first place.
  • Your skin type needs powder throughout the year.  Here is where oily skinned women are more blessed than others.  Powder looks patchy and cakey on dry skinned ladies.Powder will help set your makeup so choose an oil-free formula.
  • If you don’t want to carry a powder compact with you, then keep a little book of blotting papers handy. These are quick and easy to use, and take up no space at all in your bag.
  • Make sure you apply a thin layer of foundation on the areas where there are pimples because using too much of it is only going to only draw attention to it.
  • As far as blush is concerned It is best to use a makeup brush for blush application but if you have severe pimples on your cheeks, then don’t use one because it will give harsh results to the pimples on your skin and that is not healthy.
  • Eyeliner and mascara shouldn’t create an issue at all in the makeup application when it comes to acne prone skin.
  • Concealer should be applied on the areas that are covered with pimples if you think only foundation is not doing the job.
  • Finding the best skin tone match for concealers should be your approach.
  • Do stay away from products with a shimmery or shiny look.
  • Lip gloss is fine to use as lips don’t tend to be oily.
  • Spritz your face with a mineral spray to cool your face down. It won’t ruin your makeup, as the spray is very fine – in fact, it will help to set it.
  • Apart from the above make up tips, remember to drink plenty of water. Consume good amount of natural fruits and vegetables and less oily food.
  • Use good, branded skin care soaps and wash your skin at least twice or thrice a day and never touch your face unnecessarily with your bare hands.

Do you have oily skin? What are some of the make up tips that you follow for your skin?

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  1. Nice tips Chris..i follow every bit of them. One more thing is DONOT use an alcohol based toner. Since ppl think alcohol will dry up the acne, its also causes more oil secretion since your skin feels its dehydrated. 🙂


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