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Sandhya asks,

I’d like to introduce myself as Sandhya. I’m a huge fan and admirer of  Wise She, I have no idea how I landed on your page, but I’ve been hooked onto it ever since. I must tell you that you are doing a great job and its mindblowing!
I’ve been wanting to write to you for ages now and I finally found time. I have a few queries with regards to hair and skin. I’ll warn you right away that the mail can be a tad too long, please don’t close the window.

About my Skin: It was normal until a couple of years back, my T-zone was a little oily and suddenly its become super oily with truck loads of blackheads, whiteheads and and occasional eruptions on my forehead. I have no idea what could have been the reasons for such drastic changes in my system, now I have dark spots on my cheeks (remains of my white-head attack I suppose). It would be great if you can give me a couple of suggestions on controlling my oily T-zone and do away with blackheads and white heads, and the marks that they’ve left.

About my Hair: Another long sad story – I started messing around with my hair when I joined my MBA course and the lack of oiling and caring for my hair has left me with a pathetic bunch of unruly strands. I have an oily scalp and dry hair which becomes oily after like 3-4days of washing. My hairs are super wavy. I’m also losing a lot of hair in the process 🙁 I have 1/4th of what I had 2yrs back. Again I need your help on making my hair healthy, frizz free and manageable. I’ve tried your Mayonnaise pack and it was pretty good, but the egg smell remained for a looong time.. I have mild dandruff which refuses to go away. So what should I do to get rid of that. I mean if I get to having healthy shiny hair which doesnt break or fall at its own will it would be mission accomplished.

I know I’m testing your patience here, but I had to put this down in writing someday.

I’m pretty much done. 🙂

To give you an idea about the products that I’ve been using

Face: I use bio-clove face pack and bio-papaya scrub, Brihans aloe-vera gel for my face and oil of wintergreen cream for my marks. I use a homemade pack of multani mitti and curd and sometimes a pack of chandan and turmeric with a few drops of lime juice and rose water.

Hair: I use FabIndia’s avocado shampoo and conditioner (this one causes MAJOR hairfall :'( :'( )
I use a homemade henna pack with lots of curd and lemon juice and a fenugreek pack which my mom makes. I oil my hair using some homemade herbal hair-oil.

And I’m still stuck with my problems.

It would be awesome if you run through this mail and give me some much needed respite.
And before I forget – what would you suggest for tanned hands and feet. Also, how do you grow such lovely long nails ?

I’m seriously done 🙂 Hope you don’t plan to murder me, and if you do, I stay in Chennai 🙂

Thanks in Advance

Oily skin and scalp solution

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  1. hey sandhya.
    i have the following suggestions:
    i htoo ahve curly hair which is dry. the diiference is that i ahve a dry scalp . i am using john frieds shampoo and conditioner and it has tame my hair a lot. there are various options available. ytou can choose the damaged hair one. secondly, there is nothing like oiling youer hair. its a boon. i know its time consuming but the result will be gorgeous healthy hair. you can use fab india oil or make a herbal one at home.
    for tan: nature essence tan pack is simply awesome. its reviewed here.
    for acne: i dont have a fool proof remedy as i myself have been struggling with it. but neutrogena acne wash has helped me a lot. regarding scars, you can try tomato, orange powder and kanti lep. i have used these on and off and they helped.
    hope it helps 🙂

  2. Regarding Oily scalp, since I have super oily scalp which comes back within 2 days 🙁

    I use LUSH Jumping juniper solid shampoo, its the best balancing shampoo I have ever used.
    If you have mild dandruff, you can try the flaky solid shampoo, that also controls scalp oil to an extent.

    And for dry ends give Sunsilk yellow conditioner, although it contains so many chemicals but it leaves behind really soft hair.. I can vouch for that 😛

    Try some home made hair oil, A lot of recipes are here on wiseshe, but since I am too lazy I use Shikakai oil from Khadi since last 4 months, and my hair fall has reduced major time 😀

  3. 2. For oily skin, you should wash your face at least twice in a day with a good oil control face wash and many more times with clean and fresh water 🙂 If you feel that you’re loosing much hair, take a biotin and folic acid pill everyday which made me stop my hair fall 🙂 🙂 Never ever use chemicals on your hair and follow hot oil massage once in a week.. 🙂 Use tulsi powder + neem powder hair pack which acts as a multi purpose face pack 🙂 It makes your hair soft smooth and stops hair fall completely with regular use.. 🙂
    3.For face, use clean and clear face wash 🙂 and take facial team followed from mild scrubbing every week to remove black and white heads. Multani mitti+rose water+lemon juice acts as a best natural face fack for oily skin 🙂
    4.I personally recommend dove shampoo and conditioner which has no side effects 🙂
    Good luck my friend.
    With love,

  4. For tanned hands and feet – Use loofah to scrub your skin while you bath. You can also use tomato juice+potato juice+ rose water mixture to remove tan. I sometimes use baking soda to exfoliate and remove my tan 😀

  5. Sandhya, That Brihans aloe vera gel that you use for your face, apply it on your hands and legs too. It will help you get rid of tanning. If you can manage fresh aloe vera thats even better.
    For dandruff, you can use Nizoral, it will definitely help you get rid of mild dandruff. If that doesn’t work, there are more suggestions but first try this :-))
    For hair, try organic surge products! If you have time, then use olive oil but it is a bit heavy so it will take a lil extra time shampooing it.

  6. 1: 1st blackheads and white heads i have heard baking soda and lemon juice scrub works good .

    2: Forehead pimples check dandruff most often it is wrong method of applying hair oil or excess dandruff that leads to blockage of pores there.

    3: For dandruff try lemon juice method lemon juice +curd pack also i use himalaya anti dandruff cream it works good just makes hair a bit sticky + you can try its shampoo i have used it for long but the only problem is that it doesnt remove oil in one go you need two washes for that.

    4: henna is good against dandruff but i know it dries hair too much so whenever you make it pack wash it before it stiffens completely.

    5: For tanning i just got lacto tan clear on my feet a few days back and in one use i felt incredible difference so for hands and legs you can definitely try that.

    6: Also one imp point drink Water 🙂

    Hope that helps 🙂

  7. hello sandhya, :-))
    for tanning:mix 2tsp lemon juice to half cup of milk when it curdles, massage it on ur body with help of a sponge(before bathing) keep it on for 5 min n wash off.
    for hair: soulflower’s hair down shampoo bar :inlove: :inlove:
    for skin: take 20-30 cotton balls, wet them in aloe juice n keep in airtight container. use these balls 3-4 times a day as face freshner n use vit e capsules on scars at night.

    i hope all these help u, but sandhya plz do consult doc as it could be an internal deficiancy or imbalance signs too dear.
    all the best 🙂

  8. hey awesome tips from everyone and I might follow them myself so appreciate the question but here is my 2 cents bit.

    Face – FabIndia tea tree face wash – (dont remember the exact name) but it works well for oily skin and tigtens pores and there has been considerable amt of white heads reduction. In addition to this I use the Fores t Eseentials Narangi ubtan once every 2 to 3 days (thanks – courtesy Anamika..loveee you babe :-* :-* ) and I also steam my face once a week and apply some ice once I am done. what a gal has to look good!!!! :jittery:

    Hair – the best would be to apply hair oil (warm) once week. Coconut/olive/amla/almond anything is good.. for shampoo I would highly reommend Dove for a daily routine and if you want volume there are a couple of options like Revlon and Roots 66. In addition a hair mask once a week would do you good.

    let us know if you try any of the tips/recos that we have given and if it has worked. I am sur ea lot of this group would benefit.

    good luck!!


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