Oily/Acne-prone Skin Care Products Suggestions


Negi asks,

I am 25 year old, my skin tone is very fair and my skin is oily and prone to acne, i had very much acne on my face but now they have
vanished.I want to ask should i get facial done on my skin, secondly i know how to do facial but i dont know which cream will suit my skin type.I would appreciate if you suggest me a good face massage cream according to my sking type.

Thank you very much..

Face massage cream for oily skin

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  1. Hi Negi..

    You can go for facial massage only thing is ask for gel based massage facial ..there r special facials in parlous like VLCC which are specifically meant for oily and acne prone skin.

  2. Tx a ton Anamika for helping.. Cant i do it myself at home, i know all the steps..it is quite difficult for me to take out time to go to good parlour and i dont trust in local parlour as i have sensitive skin..plz suggest.

    • u can even massage your skin with aloevera gel ..it will soothe your skin and will gave good facial after cleansing an scrubbing.

      • good suggestion anamika…..my skin is extremely oily too….i wud suggest put on the aloe vera gel for some time then rinse it off….cus aloe is mainly for dry skin….i applied it lik a skin cream overnight and i broke out 2 days l8r…so i wud suggest plz keep it on for 15 mins and then rinse off!goodluck negi….me new here 🙂 ..

  3. Yes after reading about aloe vera gel form u..i have planted it and using it regulary and yes it has given me visible pleasant changes..i have followed many of your tips and they have worked amazingly.

  4. Yes i will and after reading nice about rose water from patanjali i want that too…i m very fond of makeup..i love to look lovely..bt m zero in make up and all..i see your tutorial and hope will learn something. I cant even apply eyeliner as beautiful as u do..;(

  5. hi Negi,…….

    You can use a gel based facial massage cream, Jovees has one which is good for oily skinned people. I think has exts of green apple and aloevera. Hope this helps.

    • hi tanmayee..im new here..u from bang??i am from bang…u talked abt jovees so i wanted to ask u…..u using jovees products from a long time??cus while buying loreal serum the h&g lady forced me to buy jovees hair tonic…..do they hav any side effects??wanted to know..

      • yes Anusha, I used to stay in bangalore. Jovees is overall a good brand, I have used and am using some of their products and I find it good…..I have nt used their hait tonic though I hv heard mixed reviews abt it…..one of my friends swears by it, others said it was ok kind of…no body said abt any side effects though

        • ok wow now i can go ahead and use it….i was just scared that it might cause hairfall….thanx tanmayee!….USED TO stay in bang?where u now?how can u leave an amazing place lik bang! :blush: :smug:

          • I am using their sunscreen, face packs 2- 3 of them…..their face scrub…toner…face wash..face massage gel..etc…….
            I find them quite good and effective …..

  6. Tx Tanmayee, i m from delhi, can you please tell me where can i find jovees products? Is it avaiable at chemist shop.

  7. WC Lovely……Jovees products are widely available in Health and glow stores in Bangalore, I dunno if they are there in delhi. Its also available in hypercity mall chains and also in few big bazaars….It should be easily available in Delhi..You can try in major stores which keep such products.

    • .i wud say…plz dont use oil….but some websites claim that oil is good to remove oil from pores…but incidentally….i apply olive oil to keep blackheads away…but only to the nose area…..plz dont massage the whole face……it becomes SERIOUSLY oily and u need to rinse ur face lik ten times to actually get rid of all the oil….if ur into applying oils…then try baby oils….they are very mild..and um..is ur name really lovely.. 😛 ..just askin!..i dunno right 🙂

      • Hi Anusha..if any person uses oily i am sure they wipe it off after 10 -15 mins..even if it is baby oil one is suppose to wipe it off with a face wash after using it.

        • ooooohh….okies!thanx!!…hmm i used to wash my face o lot of times before the oil went away….i nevr occured to me to wipe it with a cotton or somethin before washin my face!thanx for the tip!..but still do u really think that oily skin ppl need oil???….its not really necessary right!….the open pores just produce more oil if i apply oil….so i dont do oil massage…whadya think anamika?

  8. Tx Tanmayee i will surely check it out..and Anamika, i was afraid of using oil on my oil producing skin.. Except forest essential is there any other brand?

  9. Hey Anusha tx a lot for guiding…yes my name is Lovely Negi.. I am a Chartered Accountant from delhi… And m also new into dis world and happy to be associated with you all…

  10. Hi Negi,

    I suggest keep away from facials. You can get clean ups done. Cause facials (massages) kind of make the sebaceous glands secrete more oil. If you still insist on having one then like Anu said, go for gel based ones.

    You can try the OCM that Anu reviewed here. It helps in cleansing your pores.

    Facepacks can be used as well. Multani mitti based packs are good for your skin.

  11. M doing grt..nd oh b’lore..i hv nvr been dere..bt i hv heard its nice city..i wish il get to go dere..nd wt is ur skin type..u knw i hav learned a lot abt skin care from WISESHE and it has helped me a lot..now wenevr i hv to buy sumthing first i read review here den i buy…nice to be here

    • i hav a real oily skin….and exactly!i was thinkin the same thing abt wise she….so many products are reviewed here…its almost impossible to make a wrong choice…lik..i wanted a bodywash which wud make me feel lik a sweet smelling goddess and i dint know wat to buy…wise she to the rescue…..i read the review abt st ives creamy vanilla….and i dont regret it one bit!..its so perfect!..hope u come over to bang 🙂 ..really a heavenly place to stay! 🙂

        • does ctm routine really work for oily skin??i stay away from moisturisers cus they make me break out!!!ALL moisturisers…so i was lik wat the hell and threw away all the moisturisers…i just use cetaphil oily cleanser…just that no moisturisers

        • hee heee 😀 …..the everyday evening rains there,,,,so amazin!!…really a romantic city!..but the city of gardens is not true now 🙁 ….they hav cut down most trees….but still the city ROX!!! :-))

  12. Tx Mitra:*, and Anamika u say rite..even m also thinking of skiping facial..the impact of wiseshe is that i have seriously started taking care of my skin..i daily do CTM and yes now i apply aloevera reguraly too..i have read about Cetaphil cleanser ..is this easily available?

    • not that easily lovely……its only available in medical shops…sometimes they may not hav it,.,,,,but u liv in delhi right.ul easily get it..or just order it….in america cetaphil comes in pump bottles..but that type is still not released in india 🙁 ….but its awesome….it doesn dry oily skin but its very very mild…keep using it for a month and ur skin really starts to change….

    • I can tell you the moisturizer that my derma prescribed me..its very light and vanishes into the skin. Its called Sebamed – Clear Face Care Gel.. you’l find it at pharmacies

  13. M gona search it here…nd yes ctm really works..nd as far as mositurising is concern its equally imp for oily skin as it is for dry skin..may b u used some oil based moisturiser dat caused u brkouts..u shud apply a oil free, water based lotion…give it try..

    • but i hav tried water based ones!!..they still break me out after 2 days….not only my skin is oily..its sensitive too…plz suggest some good water based moisturisers na….il give em a try..

  14. Hey u can try alphamoist from lotus herbal..its indeed a good one..nd do moisture ur skin..even its super oily..just find rite product for u..

  15. you too lovely..u too.. 🙂 ..il say goodnight now….i av some lotus shopping to do tomorrow 🙂 ..goodnight!keep in touch :-*

  16. hi everyone,

    Negi you can use VLCC Skin defense range green massage cream, it is for oily skin people only, I also have oily skin and I am using it from 3months its working very well for me (i get my facial done at my home itself). Hope it suits you also. I am new to this, but want to share my experience with all the lovely girls here :yes:

  17. hi anamika, i want to get a face powder from oriflame cos everything is on sale 😛 which one would you recommend for oily skin : the air soft beauty powder or the very me no time for shine powder 🙂


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