Olay Natural White UV Blocker SPF 30 Review


Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness UV Blocker Review
Like most of the oilys skin girl even my skin tends to gets oilier when I use any sunscreen or sunblock but Olay natural white healthy fairness UV blocker  suits me perfectly 🙂 It has SPF 30 which gives sun protection and with that it  keeps my skin well moisturized whole day long 😉
Price of Olay Natural White UV Blocker SPF 30 is Rs 299 for 50 ml

Packaging – It comes in a sturdy plastic small pump bottle.Product just acquires a small place in  my bag therefore I  carry it in my bag wherever I go.

Olay Natural white healthy fairness

Before sharing my experience let me just give you a brief about UV blocker which I got from wise geek.

A UV block is something which is capable of at least partially blocking energy in the ultraviolet area of the electromagnetic spectrum. The Sun is a notable source of UV radiation, producing a variety of wavelengths which are located within the UV range, and there are also sources such as specialized lamps which can produce light in this area of the spectrum.

A detail post about the difference between sunscreen and sunblock  has been done on wise she by prerna you can check that out here.

Olay Natural white UV fairness creame

Product doesn’t make me feel greasy at all and keeps my skin moisturized all day long.one needs a pea size of the product and it glides into the skin with in seconds.I don’t need any moisturizer with it and the effect of  the moisturizer  lasts for 6-7 hours easily.

Olay natural white UV Blocker

No greasy or oily feeling just SPF protection and healthy moisturization.

Natural white healthy fairness UV Blocker

Ingredients of the product are quiet healthy and most of them are not harmful for the skin.Almost all the ingredients have been covered in wise she dictionary leaving beside Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane which  is used in the formulation of sun protection products, as well as bath, skin, cleansing, hair, nail and fragrance products.

Olay natural white ingredients

Olay natural white side effects –

I didn’t experience any kind of side effect while using the product  but it does contains a warning which ask us to stop using the product if irritation occurs.

Fragrance – It has a very light mild smell which reminds me of old boroline cream 😀

SPF 30 – is a big plus.I don’t know whether it is with me or others also but most of the sunscreen makes me look  darker but when I used this one my complexion remained the same.

Product never broke me out  which I always fear with sunscreens.

Some dislikes :-

50ml in Rs 299 is little expensive and if one use this everyday it will last maximum for a  month.

I didn’t notice any skin lightning effect.

Will I re-purchase it again – Yes!! surely I will ,it is a sunscreen which works well as a makeup base, doesn’t make me feel greasy and keep my skin moisturized.

Will recommend it to oily or combination skin as dry skin may need more moisturization with this too but it  will be great for dry skin  in summer month .

Do you use Sunscreen or UV Blocker?

Product has been sent by company for consideration but it has not impacted my review anyhow.

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    • i use Lotus Absolute sunsafe-anti tan gel, i too have oily skin and felt nothing can make my super oily skin matte in summers except gels :-/ it has pepermint flavor which makes my face feel cool cool in those scorching hot summers 😀 😀 😀
      But this summer i too wana try sun block instead of sunscreen :yes: :yes:

    • Anamika: I use Sungrace from Glenmark. Its SPF 40 +++, non-comodogenic. It was recommended to me by my dermatologist. Please do confirm with your dermatologist before you use it. It worked wonder over time

  1. Nice review Anamika…I use Neutrogena Spf 50..its the only one that I like so far…doesnt give the whitish cast and does not make the skin too oily or suffocated…Is it going to work for oily skin in summers(the delhi kind)??

      • that is ok Prerana..I stayed in Delhi whole my life…use some good packs and toner with a light moisturizer which has sunscreen and u r done for the day:)

  2. I have heard great reviews of Neutrogena and when it has SPF 50 then u can stick to it..this can work in delhi summers but if u stay outside for very long then ofcourse u wil feel oily..it wont make yur skin “Oil free”

    hope i was able to explain u what i meant ?:-)

  3. Hello all,
    Could anyone please let me know whether this product is actually a Sunblock or Sunscreen? As, the main ingredients Zinc oxide and Titanium Oxide are absent from the ingredients list..
    Please let me know…
    Thanks 🙂

  4. which is better to use in very hot and humid climate… the olay suncreen or the neutrogena spf 50 sunblock ??
    wouldnt the neutrogena one be better as it as sunblock…

  5. is this product a sunblock or sunscreen
    i am in search for a sunblock for oily skin
    i am regular college going teen, i am in college for almost 8 hrs.
    the sunblock has to be waterproof , for oily skin, should work for atleast 6-7 hours without reapplication


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