Olay White Radiance Skin Whitening Skin Care Regime Review

Hello People! I hope I am being read with all your interest as I am sharing today an experience with you which is real time. I am currently testing the Olay White Radiance Advanced Whitening Range. If you saw my haul recently, I followed an entirely different skin care regime until some time ago. My skin however began to break out due to which I had to change it. Therefore I shifted to Olay White Radiance Advanced Whitening Range, in my bid to change to something worthy of a trial.
olay white radiance skin care

About Olay White Radiance Skin Whitening Skin Care Range

I received these products from the brand and now my skin breakouts have started to heal and become better with time. They are indeed on a repair mode and the pigmentation marks of the pimples are almost gone.  These products include the following:

Olay White Radiance Advanced Whitening Brightening Intensive Cream SPF 24 Moisturizer.

This product comes with Vitamin B3 which is very good for skin specially in curing dark spots and is also functional on lightening the skin. Its SPF 24 is very effective in sun-protection and helps in preventing dark spots from appearing again. It is overall great nourishment for the skin with its benefits being really good for the skin. Its Price is INR 999 for a 50 gms pack on Flipkart.
olay white radiance skin care regime lotion

Olay White Radiance Advanced Whitening Night Essence Skin Cream Moisturizer

If a lot of dark circles is what you suffer from, you should try this. Though I am still trying it but I have heard a lot about this product. I personally have also felt a little uplift in my look and I am liking how plump my skin looks in the morning. Plus it gives sheen to my face which is an added bonus. Its price for INR 999 for a 50gms bottle through Amazon and Ebay.
olay white radiance skin care night cream

Olay White Radiance Brightening Intensive Serum

First of all I have to talk about its packaging. It has pearl like beads which keeps floating inside the bottle which looks so tempting and soothing. This serum is also rich in Vitamin B3 and has a UV protection also. It is non-greasy and should be applied before the facial moisturizer. It is priced at INR 1299 for 50 ml tube bottle. If you ever make your mind to use moisturizer then do give the serum a try.    Both combination gives such lovely hydration and one just need a pea size of serum. The way my skin soaks it shows how much my skin can soak up moisturizer although I am pretty oily during this weather. Also, even if there is a little bit of product left I just use it on my hand and voila! It moisturize my hands as well. It literally penetrates into the skin.
olay white radiance day cream

Olay Brightening intensive lotion with SPF 24UVA

There is also this lotion with Sun protection which seems nice. Its price is INR 1199 for 75 ml. 75ml looks little less but just like serum one doesn’t need much of the product to apply .Just little amount of the product is good enough for all over body moisturization.
olay whire radiance day moisturizer and serum
Overall I am pretty impressed with this range with all aspects of skin covered.It has all the USP of some of the very expensive brand around but its priced pretty decent as compared to the result what it gives.
olay white radiance skin care serum
As far as the claim of removing pigmentation and dark spot is covered I will cover that in detail in my video. I will be showing how I manage to get spot free skin with my skin care regime.So stay tune for that. Those who are eager to know well I do see bit of difference in my pigmentation right now with in just a week of usage. Let me update you in detail in my next post 🙂
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