Olive for hair loss and faster hair growth


If you have been trying hard to to grow your hair but have completely ignored the natural remedies then try olive oil atleast for few months.
It is one of the effective,safest and without any side effect way to reduce hair fall which is increasing becoming a problem every day.
Massaging olive oil into the scalp has two advantages:-
1.Regular use of shampoo,hair sprays and coloring clogs the follicles and olive oil helps in unclogging them.
2.It helps in removing all the dirt from the hair without causing any side effects to them.
3.Olive oil allow more breathing ground for your follicles which helps in hair growth.
Using 1 tsp of olive oil at night and rinsing your hair with a mild shampoo every alternate is considered to be sure way to start the growth of newer hair naturally.
Of course you will not see immediate result as it take a little longer than any other hair product which claims to solve out your hair problem with in week but comes with chemicals and various side effects.
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  1. Thank for giving the information about the grow long hair. Olive oil is the best for the growth of hair and also make it strong.

  2. You know Rachana I thought every one must be using it only and this will be kind of a silly post..But I am surprised that many still don use olive oil .

  3. Anamika, tonight is the olive oil night for me.Thanks babes. Will let you know the results.regardsShiva

  4. I am so going to be doing this , have been suffering from considerable hair loss for a while now ,Thank you 🙂

  5. a small tip to add-use 1 tsp garlic bhasmam(the outer white membranous skin of garlic should be burnt on fire)to olive oil…this reduces n on regular application eliminates grey hair :lashes:

  6. Olive oil is also good for health and use for cooking. I never thought that it will be best for hair problems. Greatly appreciated your point of views and for sharing it.


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