Olive Oil : Must Have For Winter Skincare


Olive Oil : Must Have For Winter Skincare

Hello Beauties,

Winter skincare is crucial and there is no denying in that! A few days ago when I moved to the capital city, New Delhi, I had little idea about how the dry season is going to affect my skin! Yes, it has been a week and I can feel the stretch on my skin and the rough patches which are just not improving! So, it took me a while to switch to products which I earlier used for my skin and now I am banking more upon natural organic skincare products like oils, to treat my ongoing skin condition!

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Well, I have been a huge fan of olive oil for my hair care! With olive oil I can simply skip many DIY treatments and only a lukewarm olive oil massage can do great wonders to the hair texture and smoothness!

So, basically here we will be talking about how we can use this one simple ingredient throughout the winter season to take care of the skin!

Olive oil for dry skin-


Okay, extra virgin olive oil is probably the best hydrating ingredient you can treat your skin with. It is so light and moisturizing that you can literally forget about it after it gets quickly absorbed! For those who have dry patches during the winter months, can simply include olive oil in the skincare routine and have soft ans supple skin without making it too oily!

Olive Oil For Body-

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I am sure you know that extra virgin olive oil is used for the moisturization of new born babies and given their delicate skin, it is clearly understood that how safe it is to use this oil for the whole body to keep it nourished throughout the extremely dry winter season!

Olive Oil for Dry Hands-

olive oil for supple hands

I have a pet at home and I am always washing hands to avoid any infection! And the results is that dollops of lotion or hand creams don’t seem to make my hands look nourished and there is always that dry, scratchy feeling! So I switched to olive oil for my hands!

Olive oil for Lip Care-


Okay, as the winters start the lips too turn out to become scaly and look chapped if you forget to hydrate them a night before! Olive oil is so good for the skin that it can replenish the cracked skin within a short time and you can easily get the soft baby lips all throughout the winter months!

Olive oil in DIY Face Packs-

This oil can alternatively be used in various face packs as well to give an altogether intensive nourishment and it treats the dry scaly skin to butter soft skin!

I hope you agree with these amazing uses of Olive Oil and happily include a bottle of extra virgin olive oil to your winter skincare shelf!

Have you tried olive oil for skin?

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