Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7600T


Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7600T

Recently, I was invited to attend a Bloggers Meet organized by Omron Healthcare. Here, I got to learn about a new device which is an automatic blood pressure monitor. Well, most of us have seen how doctors use a mercury-based manual device to tie to the arms to know the blood pressure accurately! They use a stethoscope as well with that.

Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7600T

Guess what, even those readings aren’t absolutely accurate. So, the thing is that you can get the accurate blood pressure measurement, with better accuracy than of a doctor’s clinic. All of this at the comfort of your home with this Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor launched by Omron Healthcare.

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Special Features

This is a digital device which gives an accurate reading of the actual blood pressure levels. You can wrap it around your upper arm properly. Moreover with its all-round accuracy, it detects the blood pressure levels with utmost precision!

Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

The Intelli Wrap Cuff is a very light device which you can easily wear while at home or while doing usual chores. It is a tubeless/ wireless device which makes it very handy to use!

Also, it is easy to store and you can carry it along if you are going for a long vacation. Besides that you do not want to miss the regular checkup for preventive reasons!

Omron Automatic Blood Pressure monitor wrap

The smart cuff of HEM 7600T (a new Blood pressure machine by Omron) can be easily worn on the arm. All you just need to do is to press the start button to measure the blood pressure. Since it has 360-degree accuracy, even if the wrap is slightly misplaced, it gives a précised reading!

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An Ideal Gift!

I really loved this smart device and I think that it is an ideal gift for elders and especially those parents who are away from their kids. They can make the best of it because it is such a hassle-free device which they can use without visiting the doctor.

Also for those who have certain cardiovascular issues can keep a close watch on their blood pressure levels by monitoring their morning-evening levels. Moreover they can immediately consult their physician if they notice any irregularity!

Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7600T smart elite wrap

Another interesting feature of this blood pressure monitor is that it has wireless connectivity.  You simply need to just download the app from your Android & Apple device. This will easily check your blood pressure statistics on your phone. This info is stored for later reference to your doctor. You can also share it with your doctor if you are short on time for a doctor’s appointment.

omron healthcare Intelli Wrap Cuff

Self Sufficient

It is a battery operated device so you need not worry about any charging issues while traveling! It easily detects irregular heartbeats, accurately detects your body movements and then gives a measurement of the blood pressure so it is definitely a smart choice for people today who are health conscious or are suffering from any kind of heart-related problems!

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In this fast-paced stressful lifestyle and the increasing cases of heart attacks & strokes, it is always a good idea to be a step ahead and be cautious about our heart health and what better than an automatic easy to use device to keep a close watch on your blood pressure levels which lets you enjoy your life to the fullest!


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