Once a Diva, Always A Diva


What does it take to be a Diva in your own stride? The answer may differ but what does it take to remain a Diva all your life and even beyond. Probably soak style, fashion and attitude into your DNA.

The first name one can think of cant be anybody else but Marilyn Monroe.
We all have heard her famous anecdotes of passion for style and makeup. She is very famous for her super radiant skin and high lustre red lips. Withney Snyder was not only her makeup artist but also her a confider in her secrets of makeup.


diva fashion

Both of them formulated the much famed super lustre and high shine, red lip gloss which Monroe was famous for. Unfortunately she took the secret to her grave. Know what is the secret behind her radiant glowing skin? MM wore a thick layer of vaseline under her foundation. Withey was her MUA from her first screen test till her end. It is believed that they agreed between them that if MM died before him, he would do her makeup before she is taken for her funeral. And thats exactly what

Milind Soman, the Indian alpha male with Greek God Gorgeous looks was once found quoting that ‘A Diva can’t happen overnight. Attitude of one has to be your lifestyle and has to be you’.

I believe Divas are not just the models, celebrities or actors. Look around and you will find one near you. A few days ago an old friend was narrating about this mother’s open heart surgery who had 90% blockage in her arteries. He casually mentioned an incident which I read as a perfect sign of a Diva. Since the surgery was a major one and risk involving, she was aware that the stakes are high. She very gracefully accepted the situation and insisted on visiting her favourite salon for her regular services before she was operated on. Only after having done the beauty treatments she arrived into the OT with her head held high.

Closer to home, my Mom who is probably the first Diva I came across in my life. Off late when she had taken ill and was admitted in the hospital for a surgery, I rushed to see her. She laid weak and frail on the bed,  while my sister was taking the chipped nail polish off my mom’s fingers and toes as insisted by my mom. The first question she posed to me was “Why are you carrying a yellow bag with this outfit?  A dark navy blue bag will look best with this.” While all of us were taken aback with this this question in a situation like this I read it as ‘Once a Diva, always a Diva’

Have you come across a true Diva?

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  1. Thats a wonderful article… hunn!!

    I believe everyone has different style n fashion statement.. n they way u carry urself brings out the Diva in U…

    N Of coz HOW & WHAT Different u do that makes u heart warming.. :beauty:

    Something that looks good on a certain person might not suit U.. So be Original..wear wat suits U N with wat ur comfortable in… thats my tip of being a DIVA :lipstick:

  2. The real diva in my life is my sil! The tragedies shes been through can bring neone down! But she has decided to live her life happily and that makes uer a true inspiration for me!

  3. My mum is one step ahead ! She checks out my stuff and happily takes what she likes 😛 , be it bags, jewellery , lipsticks 😀 . She is so fond of brown shade lipsticks, i have stopped keeping them with me 😛 . As soon as i find a good brown lippi, i give it to her sharaafat se 😛

    Thank God, our footwear size is not the same :chic:

  4. awww that’s true gals moms are the most adorable and Ana me too realised how much I love her and how much I need her by my side every single day only after I got married.

  5. Lovely post, my mom would be like, black kyon nahi liya, will go with all clothes! :laugh:
    She and make up and fashion are like the north and south poles, the twain shall never meet! 😉


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