One Hour Of Thrill & Adventure: MYSTERY ROOM GURGAON


One Hour Of Thrill & Adventure: MYSTERY ROOM GURGAON

Hello Everyone! Recently, I got a chance to visit the Mystery Room in Gurgaon. I was utterly clueless about what it is although in the past I have heard a similar concept of Mystery Room in Canada but since I wasn’t sure, I didn’t go there. So, this time when I was invited to The Mystery Room Gurgaon, I knew I had to go to at least have an experience! Well, I took my family and also took one of my friend along to have the experience. Oh boy! What a One Hour Of Thrill & Adventure it was!

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Initially I thought that going with a kid to this place would not be such a good idea. Well, it  turns out that I was wrong and everyone enjoyed the experience equally well.


About Mystery Rooms

Mystery Room has an interesting concept of a themed room with a lot of puzzles & clues. You need to solve these in a step by step way to escape out of the room in a stipulated time of 60 minutes. I am sure you must have seen these type of games on a Playstation or Computer. It is like many players enter a room and solve mysteries with the help of hidden clues to win the game!. It is just that game but in actual life experience and all those game addicts are simply going to enjoy this fun & enthralling experience.

One Hour Of Thrill & Adventure MYSTERY ROOM GURGAON

The best thing is that this game is open to all age groups. Children above 10 are allowed in the game so as to understand the things going on! There is no upper limit. A group of 2 to 8 members enters in the mystery room along with one master player. The master player assists the newbies to crack every code and escape the room.


They are very strict with the time slot. In case, you get late then you might have to wait an hour for others to finish. In a way it is good and those who are punctual will not have to waste any time waiting for their turn.

mystery room gurgaon experience

How To Play?

These mystery rooms are easy to play with simple clues, riddles & puzzles which are common in our lives you just need to focus on those and solve them to play the game, enjoy the mystery and finally escape! 🙂 You certainly don’t need to be too much into Science or Maths for this game.  It is also based on teamwork concept where you can try solving situations or find hidden clues to escape.

experience with Mystery Room Gurgaon

Mystery Rooms use a lot of hidden clues like hiding the keys in a flower vase, money or documents in books. Sometimes it is a simple puzzle of count of objects needed to go ahead in a game. Since you don’t know the education or IQ level of every player, it is kept very basic. There are illusion based clues in the mystery room to lead you to the way out of the room.

The Mystery Rooms are located at a pan India level across major cities and you can try booking them online if you too love the concept. Their are interesting themes like A Night In Bhangarh (the cursed Fort), A Mission Impossible and these themes vary according to the locations so you can try different themes whenever you wish to visit.


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