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Are you on a diet to lose some extra pounds? If yes, then this post will be your best friend as this deals with a technique that will give you easy peasy weight loss. Can you imagine munching your favourite french fries at night with that crispy chicken and still losing some ounces every day? Well, you heard it right. Introducing One Meal Diet Plan – the new fitness plan that is shouting for attention. Dig in! <3

One Meal A Day Diet Plan:

What is One Meal A Day Plan?

One Meal A Day plan is, as the name suggests, is a diet plan that includes only one meal per day. You can have this meal at morning or night and eat practically anything you want (as long as you don’t fall sick :P). You can choose to have whatever suits your taste buds as long as you are under a specific calorie limit. This whole concept was first introduced by Warrior Diet way back in 2008 and from then, the concept has gone viral.

Why should you adopt One Meal A Day Plan?

There are a number of reasons for which you can choose One Meal A Day plan:

Increased Energy: We are told by numerous health experts that lunch can give you an amazing boost of energy but for me, it makes me sleepy 🙁 Yes it does! And I am sure like me, many of you must be facing the same issues. Sleeping during office hours sucks but when you just can’t concentrate, you need a power nap. And if you don’t have lunch, you are all full of energy and get to work even better.

Eat whatever you want: One of the prime benefits is eating anything and everything you want. A body needs minimum 1200 calories for women and 1400 calories for men to operate perfectly. When you don’t eat anything the whole day, you have everything stored in your body and when you gorge on food, you can eat anything within that calorie limit. Interesting, right?

More time to focus on other things: When you don’t have to worry about having your food or coffee, you can surely focus more on your work and other commitments.

Everything tastes better: At night, after a fasting day, everything tastes so better even that glass of Carrot Juice. 😛 You can have your favourite food at night and relish each taste until the next one.

Dieting Rocks: When you have 6 meals a day diet, you have to divide the total calorie intake into 6 parts which mean approximately 200 calories per meal. Now if I am not wrong, a full meal within 200 calories won’t taste good which will make you depressed. You will feel like having only quantity without quality which is really frustrating. 🙁

What should you not adopt One Meal A Day Plan?

There are a few reasons as to why you shouldn’t opt for a One Meal A day Diet plan:

Slow Metabolism: The first and foremost point against the whole plan is slow metabolism. When you don’t eat the whole day, your metabolism rate falls to nearly zero which means when suddenly you eat a lot a night, your metabolism can’t work at a lightening speed which results in weight gain in a span of time.

Gorging on more food: When you haven’t eaten the whole day, there is a huge chance that you will eat whatever you feel which will sometimes increase your calorie intake. Moreover, too much oily or junk food can lead to bad health and to eat right after a whole day is relatively impossible.

Acidity and digestive issues: If you have acidity or digestive ailments, this is not for you. Fasting for the whole day will give you digestive issues once you eat a lot at a time.

Hunger: When you are hungry, there is a chance that you will lose your patience and will yell at somebody. Also, for some hunger is directly related to mood (Like Me!) and for them, this can be a tough task.

6 Meals a Day V/S 1 Meal a Day

Though 1 meal a day sounds damn easy, in reality, there is a 50-50 chance that you will succeed. You can only consume water, protein supplements during the day after your workout and be hungry the rest of the time. At night you will get to eat whatever you please within a calorie limit. On the other hand, in a 6 meal plan, you get to eat the whole day in small amounts but definitely, the food is not tasty. You don’t remain hungry but utterly dissatisfied with the food. So choose yourself!

That’s all folks! Did you try this out? <3

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