Onion Against Hair Fall


Onion for Hair Fall


So girls you must be wondering how the wicked onion that aids tear-fall πŸ˜€ can help to combat hair fall. I will cover all the points step by step. First of all some gyan about onions.


onion for hair

Onion which is a must for many food recipes is known botanically as- Allium cepa. It is 89% water and also contains protein, fibre, vitamins and some other minerals. It contains sulphur compounds which are responsible for irritating the eyes but these very compounds are good for our hair.
Onions make hair stronger by improving blood circulation. They also prevent infections of the scalp. Onions treat dandruff and itchy scalp also.
Take a look at some of the concoctions that can help in reversing hair loss and will also make your hair strong.


onion benefits for hair


Onion Juice

If you can tolerate tears then it is the easiest way to reap the benefits of onion. Take a few onions and blend them or you can take onion peels and blend them. Strain the juice and apply it on your scalp. Shampoo your hair after 30 minutes. You can do this 2-3 times a week and results will appear in 2 months.

Alcoholic onions

This is for the tipsy ladies amongst us :-D. Cut an onion and leave it overnight in rum. And drink it the next day… HIC… Jokes apart, apply it on your scalp and massage gently. Wash off after 30 minutes. This also works as a good hair rinse after shampoo.

Onion and Honey

Mix honey and onion juice. More juice, less honey to get a gel-like consistency. Massage your hair with this as frequently as you can.


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Onion with hair oil

Take some onion juice and mix it with any hair oil of your choice. Massage onto your hair and shampoo after half an hour.

Onion pulp with beer and coconut oil

Mix onion pulp with one cup beer and coconut oil. Apply it on hair and leave for an hour. You will discover shiny hair after rinse.


hair care home remedies


You can try any of these packs to control hair fall and promote hair growth. Results take time but you get long lasting end results.

Have you tried onion for hair fall?

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  1. My hair falls, falls, falls and only falls……!!!!
    People’s hair shines, glows, bounces and mine only falls…!!!! It has been years, but no improvement…no docs, no herbal meds, no oils or shampoos worked for me :@

  2. Nice post dear
    I have tried onion juice. Worked like a dream but the smell did not leave my hair. I stopped using it due to the stink. The smell stayed for SIX months after I left using it.

    • Hello anamika

      Just dropping in to say I am completed addicted to ur blog and also baby blog
      ESP now since.am.on bed rest well blog kind of helps me get through the day.. I love reading the comments
      Though I been following it for a while could nver comment coz I am.using my phone but turns out it was an issue with the browser not my phone. Fixed it and now I can comment on posts …so happy

    • Trust me Anamika I tried EVERYTHING. The stink just refused to leave. And my hair smelled YUCK while I used to straighten them. It felt as if I was frying onions on my head. No exaggeration I SWEAR.

  3. I have tried using onion juice.. Never had a problem with the stink.. The whole juicing and application process was so lengthy that I left it.. Had used it for two months on alternate days.. Also it takes ages to show results.. its a very very slow process..

  4. Have heard a lot about onion juice for hair problems..!! but never tried..let me try it someday when I am not at all lazy when I wake up..! :-p

  5. I loathe the smell of onions! Simply loathe it! I don’t think I could glean any of onion juice benefits, just due to the ghastly smell πŸ™


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