Onion Hair Mask For Hair Growth


Onion Hair Mask For Hair Growth

Every lady on this mother earth faces hair fall problems in one phase or the other of her life. Being the victim I totally understand how tragic is the situation, when you try your best to get long lovely hair and what you get in return is hair fall.

From herbal shampoos to 6-in-1 oils, from different hair packs to spending on spa, I am sure you must have tried everything, but couldn’t stop the hair fall.

onion for hair fall

So today, we would be discussing Onion Hair Mask for Hair Growth. Trust me, this is one great mask which could actually help to stop hair fall plus no dandruff.

Always remember to use fresh Onions and for lesser smell put the onions overnight in refrigerator in a closed box.

Onion, Honey and Olive Oil

  • Take one tablespoon of Honey, one tablespoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoon of onion Juice.
  • Mix them all and apply on the roots of your hair. Rinse your scalp with soft hands and wear a hair mask cap for half an hour.
  • Wash your hair with normal water. You will discover shiny hair with comparatively less hair fall.
  • Repeat every week and in less than 3 months, you will notice very less hair fall.

Eggs and Onion

  • I swear on this method. Try it and discover the super gorgeous hair with no hair fall.
  • Take 2 eggs and mix them with 3 tablespoons of Onion Juice. Refrigerate the mixture for an hour with lid. Apply the mixture on your scalp and roots properly. Rinse with soft hands.
  • Keep the mask for half an hour with hair cap.
  • Now mix a cup of milk in full bucket of normal water. Wash your hair with that milky water and make sure all the mixture of eggs and Onion is washed away.
  • Damp your towel into milky water and wrap it around your head in turban style. Let the towel remain on your head for 15 minutes and wash with plain water.

Onion Juice

Onion, Curd and Henna

  • Don’t worry, Henna won’t change your hair color. This pack will only help in hair growth.
  • A night before, mix 2 tablespoon of henna and dip it in a glass of water. In the morning, take out the thickest paste of henna and mix it with a full cup of thick curd. Mix 3 tablespoon of onion juice in it and apply on your scalp and full hair length.
  • Wear the mask cap over it and keep it for 20-30 minutes. Wash with normal water.


Onion and Lemon

  • Take 3 tablespoons of Onion Juice and mix it with 2-3 tablespoon of Lemon juice. Rinse the mixture on your scalp and roots. Wash it after 15 minutes.
  • Repeat once in a week.

lemon juice DIY skin freshner+skin care product

How to get rid of Onion’s Smell?

  • The main reason behind the smell is the small particles of onion which are left on our hair. For this, always see that you filter the onion juice properly.
  • Taking hair steam after pack also helps a lot in removing the bad odor.
  • After washing hair, pour a full lemon juice on your scalp and rinse. This will remove the smell of onions.
  • Many hair fragrances are also available in market that can totally remove the bad odor.

Have you tried Onion Hair Mask before?

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