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Hi y’all….

Just found a nice online shopping site.  Well, you might argue that there are a lot of them these days and all are the same and what you get here you will get there….the list is endless.  I found something on this site that I have not found on any other Indian site and that is clothes in plus sizes.

Here you can see the chart of the sizes that they have available with them.


Online Fashion at size clothes chart


You may look at the picture and think that it’s pretty common top and most places have this kinda fashion now a days but when you are on the heavy side like I am, it’s not easy to get even something as simple as this in my size and so I cannot wear jeans because I cannot find a top that fits and it long enough to look decent. Check out this Beautiful Mixed Print Panel Kurta.


Biba tops




Another nice item here are the T-shirts.  My husband always grumbles that he has no time to shop and he can’t find what he’s looking for.  He does like the fit that U.S. Polo gives him and so here is a site that he can shop from on a sunday without him having to step out of the house.I liked the Sporty Panelled Polo Tee here and Cotton Pique Polo Shirt With Embroidered Logo here



Online Fashion at branded t shirts


We’ve got a few functions to attend this month and I don’t have a comfortable pair of high heels.  I almost always buy shoes from catwalk because it’s leather, long lasting and very comfortable for me considering that my poor feet have to bear my weight the entire day.  Their soles are really good and I was really thrilled when I saw this pair for sale on the site.  It was available in 2 colours namely tan and grey and the good news is, it’s not too high.   I am considering getting this and keeping it for special occasions.


Online Fashion at leather heels


Last but not the least…I remember my husband saying his watch needs to go to the scrapyard and well I think along with his T-shirt he can also pick up a nice decent, non gaudy and flashy watch… So I guess this site has kind of sorted out a few of our problems and I am rather happy with that.

Online Fashion at office watch

Some more information for you about :

  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • Gift voucher of 1000 on registering with the site
  • Site is well made and uncluttered.  A treat for the eyes.
  • They carry well known brands so you don’t have to think twice about what your getting
  • They have over a 100 brands to choose from

Have you tried shopping at  What did you get and what was your experience like?


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  1. I recently ordered two T-shirts from this website and later these people sent me a mail that the product could not be delivered due to non-availability, which was not the case.. Highly dissatisfied with the services..

  2. Thanks for sharing ! I ordered from them yesterday morning and had a nicely packaged delivery in my house by the 5:30pm!! Super Fast, and awesome quality!


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