Online Friendships – Now and Then


Hi Everyone !

I’m working in an IT concern and love reading all the beauty stuff on WiseShe. You may not believe but at times WiseShe is even blocked by our office’s network administrators because so many people are busy visiting only this site 😀

Talking of internet, I wonder how much my online interaction with people has changed over time. How many of you remember having used Yahoo! Chats in our school days? Back then, I used to love the funky looking messenger with attractive smileys, the beautiful IMvironments – like falling snowflakes, hearts 🙂 …. It was truly a special feeling – as a teenager, sitting in the internet café, going to a Yahoo! chat room, and suddenly flooded with so many pop up chat windows 😀 …. The cheesy pickup lines – ASL ? Hello Miss Beautiful Name 😛 ? and what not …  I had some genuine chat pals – but it always had an element of blind trust.



We live in age of facebook today. My online social circle now consists of school and college buddies and work acquaintances. Everyone is either a friend or a ‘friend of friend’ and trust is an integral part. Being ‘single’ ;), I also look at so many dating websites out there, but that teenage charm is not there. I wish if the same carefree happy-go-lucky days could come again 🙂

What about you? Have you visited any online dating website lately?