Online Shopping Experience With Beauty & Makeup Websites(Part5)


Post By Zara,

Hi Gals!

This is the 5th installment in this series and I hope you enjoy this as much as the previous ones.You can read  my reviews of Indian shopping sites part1, part2, part3 and part4 here

Additionally, please note that the feedback given is solely my opinion and the opinion of people I know. Others may have had different experiences with the same sites.


my experience with 99 labels website+Makeup

Despite this being a relatively older site, I started using it quite recently.  Ihave received a 500INR coupon on joining and cant wait to use it! 🙂 A   friend of mine used this to purchase some jewellery and household       articles and liked that they actually delivered in the stipulated time        period. But again, while researching feedback on this site, I did find some mixed responses. There were no complaints on damaged items or      anything, but there have been some instances of delayed delivery.

  •  Types of products/Brand available: Depends on the current sales. They have offers on Clothing, Books, Cosmetics, Household articles,       Organizational and storage articles, etc
  • Average Delivery time: They claim to deliver within 3-4 weeks but as mentioned above they don’t always stick to it.


my experience with 99 labels website +Indian shopping sites experience

Modes of Payment accepted: Indian & international Debit/ Credit card, Internet Banking, Cash on Delivery


  • Shipping/  Delivery charges: INR 75 for shipping within India & INR 1500 for international shipping.
  • ALERT!! Wrt the Cash on delivery option, it  is available only in India and for amounts less than Rs 10,000 If the chosen mode of payment is cash on delivery, there is another charge of Rs. 50 as convenience charges.



my experience with colorbar website experience

This is the main company site hence one can get only Colorbar cosmetics         here.  My one and only compliant about this is that despite releasing so    many new products, they have not uploaded even one on their site. The        sad part is that they dont realise how much they are losing by this since        a large number of people actually shop online. I myself have bought         loads from this site but have now stopped since they don’t update it and      even though I’m aware of the new releases, they are not available online.


my colorbar website experience+colorbar cosmetic website

  •  Types of products/Brand available: This site carries most of the    Colorbar products except for those which have been newly introduced       since 6-7months. This is my main bone of contention and I do hope they do something about this soon before they lose potential customers..I so      hope they are reading this.. 😉
  • Average Delivery time: The products are delivered within 1 week and I can guarantee this. I have never received a parcel later than this.
  • Modes of Payment accepted: All major credit/ Debit cards, Paymate, Internet Banking, Cash Card.
  • Shipping/  Delivery charges: INR 30




I came to know about this site through Divya. Thanks Divya for the info   AND the discount coupon. I  recently purchased a nail stamping kit and  am totally loving it..All those of you who are interested in nail art have  to give this site a shot!


my experience with nail and beauty  website experience

  •  Types of products/Brand available: This site carries all products from    KONAD brand. This is a well known brand in the world of nail art. They         have individual products as well as kits like nail stamping kit, sponges for   nail art, nail drying lamp, manicure and pedicure sets. They have       recently introduced the skincare range from Konad as well.
  •  Average Delivery time: Items are shipped within 1day to 3 weeks depending on customer location. I got my package within 3days of      ordering. Once I placed the order, Mr. Sukumar contacted me with the    payment mode details and shipped the items immediately on confirmation.


my experience with nail and beauty+nail art tools shopping website


  •  Modes of Payment accepted: Their site mentions that payment is accepted through Bank deposits and online transfers but as of now online transfers aren’t done. I was requested to pay by cheque which I gladly did.
  • Shipping/  Delivery charges: None




my experience with indian gift house+online shopping sites in india experience

  • Types of products/Brand available: This site carries a wide array of    products; from apparel, hairdryers, home appliances to books to flowers.  Wrt cosmetics, the major  brands they carry are Revlon, Maybelline and  Olay amongst others.
  • Average Delivery time: Items would be delivered within 5days of   payment completion unless otherwise mentioned which is usually the    case while ordering flowers/cakes for birthday gifts/celebrations.


my experience with indian gift house  website

  •  Modes of Payment accepted: All major Credit cards, Cheque
  • Shipping/  Delivery charges: None




my experience with indian departmental

  •  Types of products/Brand available: This site carries a wide array of       products; from apparel, cosmetics, books, paintings, etc. Under the      cosmetics section, one can find brands like Vicco, Himalaya, VLCC, Veet, Nivea, etc
  • Average Delivery time: Items are delivered within 9-10 days.
  • Modes of Payment accepted: All major Credit cards
  • Shipping/  Delivery charges: A.


indian departmental store website reviews

And for our usual finale! The comic!! 😀


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    • Hi Shivani…

      Yeps..i luv online shopping actually…so much variety..even when i go to a store, alot of the times they dont have all shades of any products so online shopping comes in handy…they have discounts too na 😉 😉

  1. Till date I have shopped online only on Flipkart – that too for books. I recently bought a liner from UrbanTouch – but that was more like a backup.. It’s really nice Zara that you are able to shop online. I cannot shop for makeup online at all, for some reason. Untill I try out a product & I keep feeling very unsure about it. Maybe it is just a mental block.

    Recently I made my first avon purchase – I bought one lippie for 99 bucks called Rich Terracotta. I think this is the first lippie I have bought without trying it out first 😀

    • i really do luv shopping online…the only cosmetic things i dont shop online are foundations…warna the rest i buy bindaas…especially blushes n all..

      i have rich terracotta too! it a luvly shade but a tad bit too dark on me i di du like it?

      • Yea, it is a bit on the darker side, but I really like it. In any case, I tend to wear it as a sheer wash. I’m planning to get the Cranberry one next :D.. for 99 bucks, I ain’t complaining 😀 😀

    • Hey Zara… love your online shopping series. Though I have shopped online.. never for cosmetics!! which one would you suggest should be the first site?? ?:-)
      And Ana what should be my first buy? :beauty:
      Btw Goodmorning gorgeous ones! Its a beautiful day here in B’lore :cloudy:

      • Thanx Malini..and Goodmorning…its all dull and rainy here..i miss Blore weather so much…

        If u wana start with some online shopping for cosmetics, id suggest and have a gud variety and deliver within the stipulated time if not earlier…it will help build confidence 😉

      • Goood morning Malini….its a beautiful day here too..i am sipping coffee and sitting in my balcony and posing and clicking pictures of my make up lolz.

        how u doing?

        what do u like the most, nail art tools, lipstick, blushes, beauty products ??? i can suggest u accordingly na 🙂

          • Come back na Zara…. B’lore misses one of its beauties too! Where are you now btw?? I want Kappiii tooooo…. I am dozing off in this stuffy cubicle :yawn: :ZZZ:
            Oh Ana.. what a life babe :tap-dance: I love lipsticks and eye make up!! Havent tried nail art (just once when i got married)… and then I realised what a mistake both is/was 😉 :duh:

            • Now m in Pune 🙂 i do luv Blore ya..the best place i’ve eva stayed in…minus th etraffic ofcourse.. 😉 ur from Blore itself?

              Seriouslly..m also getting so bored at work..same work day in day out…i want some variety!

              why didnt u repeat the nail art Malini? the first time i tried wasa m much better actually..

              • Wow Zara… dont tell me you are in IT world too!!! I love B’lore… but I am actually from Chennai.. and minus the heat I love Chennai too 🙂
                Arrey yaar… yahan pe kaam hi nahin hai.. waiting for a good project to come.. till then :ZZZ: :eat: :ZZZ:
                I did the nail art in a salon for a bomb… but the next day it started peeling off :weep: :reallypissed:

                • oohhh.they must have not used a gud brand on ur nails…

                  i am in IT…u r too?? haha! m in hr, wot bout u?
                  waiting for project suz big time…irritating really…

  2. I had pretty bad experience with 99 labels, once my order was cancelled without intimating me after like 2 months!! and once I had to send them emails everyday for a week just to get a product which was in the verge of expiration 🙁 after that I am not touching that website.. I think they don’t have a quality check or customer service department 🙁 I could say fashionandyou and brandmile was far better!!

    • really? ive actually had bad experiences with FnU but not 99labels..FnU also cancelled so many orders of mine…once they said they were sending the refund thu cheque but never sent it and i kept following up with them for 3weeks or so until they did so..such a headache..

  3. i dont like fnu or 99. it takes a really long time to deliver. i have ordered from both. 99labels delivered after 30 days and tat too partial irritating. :guns: :guns: I guess I am one of those cribby ones. I certainly prefer cosmetix or urban touch

    • haha..true..actually all sales wale sites deliver late..they send the main order to the vendors only after the sales r closed and all orders r collected…Phir the vendors send it t them, then they do a QC and then despatch…in this jhamela it takes soooo long till we receive te products…i usually even forget bout them for days ta a time..

      UT and cosmetix already have stock and they send directly soits a total boon t hv them..

      • :bangbang: totallly Zara..really..i had a nice argument with the lady at 99labels today. i mean its all abt convenience AND getting it on time. i am not unreasonable and dont expect it in 2 or 3 days but a week or 10 days later they dont arrive..its 32 days now and i havent gotten my package..that lady tells me we’ll deliver it in the next one week and has the audaucity to tell me madam if you have waited so long wait for another week :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang:

  4. Ze you toh are guru of online shopping!! Jai ho Jai ho…

    i dint know colorbar had an online selling option..and 30 for shippinh is like just too much..

    • haha! naa yaar..i learn from all of u…i get sooo many suggestions from everyone..

      u kno, i wudnt mind givin the shipping cost t colorbar..if only they wud UPDATE their site!

  5. Even the Indian Departmental stores seems good yaar..yeh Anu humein majboor karti hai ke shop jaakar haul kare..tum toh ghar bithaye humein kangaal kardogi !!


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