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Time to bring back the 50’s style skirts ladies!!!

Nipped in at the slimmest part of your waist, they instantly give you that hourglass figure you crave for. I know it sounds like a dreamy outfit, but you have to make it more appropriate to suit the times. You don’t want to end up looking like you just popped out of the 60’s, twirls and all.

All eyes on you (both envious and admiring), if you put it together right.

These skirts are available in a dazzling variety of colours, prints and silhouettes.

As an example, I am sticking to the very basics. But you guys can let your imagination go wild and do your own take on it!


THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT Blue and black outfit+fashion



So, the top! Crop tops have made quite a comeback i must say. Perfect way to show off some skin, without it being too much.

I chose a tiny little black number with cap sleeves (available in a variety of colours at PREVASU {www.facebook.com/prevasu}) and a closed round neck.

Now for all you skinny little things, a fitted crop top works wonders. But for those of you, who like me, are not too comfortable with body con tops and dresses; opt for a slightly loose fit.

The top should end just a few centimetres from your navel. Too short and it ends up looking like a bikini top. Too long, well, kills the point of being a ‘crop’ top doesn’t it?


Maxi skirts are available in a huge range of styles. A-LINE, straight fit, pleated, fitted blah blah blah.

But I find that the flowy ones work best for this kinda look. It’s pretty, dainty and stylish.

I have donned an electric blue, umbrella cut number also available at PREVASU.


Basic colours paired with pops/prints rarely goes wrong.

But try to keep one of the items of clothing fuss free. Try to avoid mixing prints. Going for a wild top? Mute the skirt and vice versa.

Colour blocking looks pretty cool, only if the colours complement each other and don’t clash horribly.

Try an orange skirt and a hot pink crop top or mustard top with a forest green skirt….you get the drift.


You have like a gazillion options with this outfit. But I’ll try to squeeze in a select few anyway.

For solid colours/ colour blocked versions, go heavy on the bling. Statement neckpieces, chunky earrings, bangles…you know the works. It lends a hippie edge to it, which I find quite cool. Avoid the hippie headband thing, you are not trying to re- enact the flower power era.

Venturing into the printed territory, I would advise you to stick to more delicate pieces of adornment. Slinky chains, delicate pendants, a sleek wristwatch/ bracelet etc.

BAGS:  Slouchy totes, leather slings, oversized clutches are the three types of bags that work best.


If you are going for the high bun (like me), then go for some nice danglers (any long earrings would do). Keep the eye makeup to a minimum (eye liner or maybe just some mascara) and the lips bright (red/ coral/orange/hot pink)

Opting for a more relaxed version? Let your hair down in soft cascading waves. Tiny studs and delicate chains should be your pick. Accentuates the whole girly, lil miss innocence look. Keep the makeup to a bare minimum. All you need is a dab of mascara with a hint of pink eye shadow, some blush to give you rosy cheeks and pink/ berry shades for the lips. Au naturale!

For those of you with bobs or short hair, the look doesn’t need much more. These kinds of hairstyles instantly lend a very mischievous, elfish and super adorable edge to the look. I’m talking Audrey Hepburnish. A sweep of winged eyeliner and some gloss, and presto! Instant movie star!


Personally, I would recommend you all to stick to a variety of flats. Strappy sandals, gladiators, ballerinas or juttis. I can’t explain why, but heels just feel wrong. For such an easy-going, relaxed look…heels just make it look way too dolled up.

DON’T! :

Dont go overboard with your makeup kit. Highlight one feature. If you are going heavy on the eyes, then go easy on the lips. Opting for bright colored lips? Stick to basic eyeliner and mascara for the eyes.

Avoid heels. Stick to flat soles.

Even though there are like a hundred versions and takes on the crop top and maxi skirt, I do hope you found my tips helpful. That’s all for now my lovelies.

Asta la vista…….and yes, I’ll be back 😉


About Prerna- I am a fashion designer/stylist (NIFT graduate), currently running my own label. I have been styling for various projects in the entertainment industry ever since I graduated and have recently launched a brand by the name of PREVASU (www.facebook.com/Prevasu)

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  2. Holla!
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